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I’m still wearing the awesome Pro Compression Trainer Low socks and am happy to be able to share them with someone else!   Over the last couple of weeks, since I first tried the Trainer Low socks, I’ve accumulated quite a few.  I now have 4 pair of the white, 4 pair of the purple and 2 pair of the pink.  Today, I am sporting the pink trainer low’s while I live life, work, sit at my desk and commute back and forth to the city.  At least my feet are happy, even if it’s snowing AGAIN.

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I was asked by several people in last week’s comments about these socks.  They are slightly thicker than the Pro Compression Marathon (tall) socks.  The foot bed, particularly the grey area, has a bit of padding that makes them softer.  They have a cushioned feel that my Marathon socks do not possess.  In fact, when I put the Marathon socks on with my trainers, I need to adjust the laces because they are thinner than my normal running sock.  However, I don’t have to make adjustments when I wear the Trainer Low socks.  Although they do not feel thick, they are thicker than the Marathon socks.  This is good in my world but I wanted to point it out for those of you who asked since I know we all have different preferences. 

NOW  …… The winner of a free pack of Pro Compression Trainer Low socks is #69, SeeMommyRace!



Congrats, Melanie!  Please email me at with your color/size preference and your mailing address. You can reference the size chart below to get the proper fit.


The rest of us can use the $5 off & free shipping discount code to purchase more of the Trainer Low socks.  The $5 discount brings each 2 pack of the Trainer Low’s to $20.  The code is:  TTF   Shop HERE.

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Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks Review & Giveaway

I’m a bit of a sock snob.  I only have a few brands in my drawer and I don’t go outside my favorites because it ends up being a waste of money.  In fact, Aby has a drawer full of running socks that are “Momma’s rejects”.  Some socks are just too small for my giant feet, others don’t fit properly, some slip, some I just don’t like but for no particular reason.

Therefore, when initially discussing Pro Compression’s Trainer Low socks, I wasn’t excited.  In fact, I wasn’t interested.  However, as my long runs progressed in distance and the trail became snowy and uneven, this created additional stress on my already damaged feet.  I reconsidered the Trainer Low.  I figured if I could get more support for my feet and in particular, the tendon that I’m rehabbing, it would be a good thing.  Less foot pain is always a good thing, right? 

Enter the Pro Compression Trainer Low.


My first impression when they arrived in the mail was, “Hmmmm, they aren’t No Show socks”.

Brooks Adrenaline 13_green

My second impression was, “Wow, these things feel pretty good!”  And I basically haven’t taken them off since.  In fact, I had to order more because I was wearing dirty socks.  Dirty socks to work.  Dirty socks to workout.  Dirty socks.  Yuck.

These would be the only socks in my arsenal that are NOT “No Show”.  If I’m not wearing full compression socks, then I wear No Show socks.  No Show socks with a tab so they don’t slip.  No exception.  Until now.

These socks hug the foot in true compression fashion but are not tight.  They have slight padding at the ball of the foot and in the heel.  They are thin but not so thin that I need to fear a short life span.  They are super comfy and just make my feet feel good.  The official description from Pro Compression:

The ideal under-ankle compression sock for running, walking and other activities. Lightweight construction and stabilizer zone increase comfort and provide support you can feel. A great sock for training, racing and everyday wear.


  • Built-in “Stabilizer Zone” promotes balance from the ground up
  • Non-slip design, even after hours on your feet
  • Lightweight construction for incredible feel
  • Blended materials provide maximum comfort and support
  • Moisture control, keeping you dry…even during your biggest efforts
  • Made in USA

An additional benefit to having a little material on the ankle in the winter time?  It covers the gap between my shoes and my tights.  Bonus!  I’m super excited to clean out my sock drawer add the Trainer Lows into my rotation for both running/workouts & every day wear.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I’m totally clearing out my sock drawer to make more room for Trainer Lows.  I’m hooked!

It just so happens that Pro Compression is offering one of you a 2 pack of their Trainer Low socks in the color of your choice (white, baby blue, black, lime, orange, pink or purple).  This is a $25 value.  Each order of Trainer Low socks comes in a 2 pack.  If you are interested in winning, please comment below and tell me your favorite running sock and what it is about them that you love.  For a bonus entry, go “like” Pro Compression on Facebook HERE and then leave a separate comment below stating that you did so and include your FB name so that I can verify.  I will draw a random winner on Monday, March 4th at 9am.  Good luck!!

For those of you who want to buy the Trainer Low socks now, they have offered a $5 off discount code, plus free shipping.  That will bring the 2 pack of socks down to $20!  The discount code is:  TTF    


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