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I’m still wearing the awesome Pro Compression Trainer Low socks and am happy to be able to share them with someone else!   Over the last couple of weeks, since I first tried the Trainer Low socks, I’ve accumulated quite a few.  I now have 4 pair of the white, 4 pair of the purple and 2 pair of the pink.  Today, I am sporting the pink trainer low’s while I live life, work, sit at my desk and commute back and forth to the city.  At least my feet are happy, even if it’s snowing AGAIN.

Pro Compression Trainer Lows_pink

I was asked by several people in last week’s comments about these socks.  They are slightly thicker than the Pro Compression Marathon (tall) socks.  The foot bed, particularly the grey area, has a bit of padding that makes them softer.  They have a cushioned feel that my Marathon socks do not possess.  In fact, when I put the Marathon socks on with my trainers, I need to adjust the laces because they are thinner than my normal running sock.  However, I don’t have to make adjustments when I wear the Trainer Low socks.  Although they do not feel thick, they are thicker than the Marathon socks.  This is good in my world but I wanted to point it out for those of you who asked since I know we all have different preferences. 

NOW  …… The winner of a free pack of Pro Compression Trainer Low socks is #69, SeeMommyRace!



Congrats, Melanie!  Please email me at with your color/size preference and your mailing address. You can reference the size chart below to get the proper fit.


The rest of us can use the $5 off & free shipping discount code to purchase more of the Trainer Low socks.  The $5 discount brings each 2 pack of the Trainer Low’s to $20.  The code is:  TTF   Shop HERE.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

7 thoughts on “Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks Winner

    • The calf sleeves are awesome. I wear them for recovery too, after long runs. Put on fresh Aspaeris Pivot Shorts and the calf sleeves and am much better off after a couple hours of “lounging” in them.

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