The Comeback ….. Version 5.12

You’ve been there. You’ve done it. You’ll do it again, whether you think you will or not. Because there are times in our lives when fitness falls to the back burner, sometimes for good reason, sometimes because we mentally & physically just can’t make it happen. Whatever the reason, it will pass. And you will need to restart your fitness routine and make the comeback. It will be hard. You may be angry. But every mile you log is like a building block, paving the way back to sanity.


This time has been a bit different for me. I’m wasn’t off due to injury. I didn’t have a baby. I just didn’t have the time to run much while we were preparing to relocate.  Then I didn’t run at all in the 6 weeks it took to move, make repairs to the “new” house and finally unpack & get organized. No matter, the result is the same and I was back at square zero before I even knew what hit me. I also have some extra “baggage” that I’m lugging around so I’ve been focusing on taking care of my entire body while rebuilding my fitness. Here are the things that I’m working on, just in case you need a shove nudge in the right direction too.

1) Watching what I eat. Say hello baked tilapia with cajun seasoning and tons of veggies! Protein shake, anyone? Water, YES, please!!
2) Limiting alcohol. Sometimes life as a working mom is slightly less than glamerous. Nobody says thank you. Nobody even really listens to you. In fact, can anyone even think with all the screaming and fighting chaos? There is work. Then house work. Then cooking and cleaning and laundry. Don’t forget those chauffeuring duties too!! Yes, at the end of the day, I understand the desire to crawl into a bottle of wine have a beer or two. But try to keep it chill! The more I drink, the more carefree I become, then I will blow an entire day of hard work by eating a bunch of crap before bed. Yep, been there, done that. So I try to limit the alcohol because it’s just easier for me to stay focused on my goals when my head is clear.
3) Workouts are a must. Log miles on the road, on the treadmill, on the bike.  Whatever you can do, just MOVE IT!!  Cross Train. Stretch. Roll. Ice if there is pain or soreness. Make regular appointments with your chiro or PT in order to keep you in line. When I moved, I was in a lull for a while without treatment and my Plantar Fasciitis flared up and I’m a hurtin’! I’m back on track now. Getting treatment. It still hurts very badly but I’m certainly more focused on the basics and taking care of my body. Good article from Gypsy Fit HERE on foam rolling!


4) Break up your workouts into manageable chunks. If you don’t have time for 10 miles NOW, do 4 or 5 and then knock out the rest later in the day. It’s basic time management. I know that second workout takes a lot of willpower but you’ll get it done if you really need it.
5) Sign up for a race or three or four!! That will get you moving for sure! I was in the midst of moving and my friend Judy twisted my arm convinced me to sign up for our first marathon double. It’s in January. Suddenly, I’ve become VERY focused. I signed up for a “couple” races this fall in order to ensure that I’ll be ready to pound out two marathons in two days by the beginning of January.
5) Believe in yourself! This is definitely the most important thing. No matter what is going on in your life, take back control. Carve out time for you. Not only do you deserve it but you will be happier. And you’ll be a better wife, mom & person as a result. You are worth it and your family will certainly reap the benefits of a fit and focused momma!!


**Always Believe ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Fellow Flowers Mother Day Giveaway

So many amazing companies out there!  Today I want to talk about one which I have yet to share publicly.  Fellow Flowers.  If you don’t recognize the name, you may recognize the flowers! 


The running and racing scene is now flooded by ladies sporting colorful flowers clipped into ponytails, onto visors or headbands and ultimately showing support for each other.  Each flower color represents something unique and is a statement on it’s own.  Women everywhere have fallen in love the the Fellow Flowers message of friendship, passion and enjoying the journey regardless of where it may lead.  The flowers unite friends and strangers a like.   The message keeps the community constantly “blooming”. 


Take a minute to go to the Fellow Flowers website HERE and look around.  Read.  I bet you find something to fill your tank with happiness and make you smile.  There’s a lot to see.  Stories to read.  Mission statements.  But I’d like to talk about the flowers themselves because that’s how it all began.  Each flower is a different color and delivers its own message.  Maybe it’s your message.  Maybe it’s mine.  Everyone has a story and the purpose of the flowers is to represent YOUR message, no matter what it may be.  My current favorite is a newbie.  Turquoise. 

Believe. To look within, to overcome. Loving myself enough. I have the will, the determination and the courage to defy the odds…and inspire. My challenges have made me a fighter – a survivor. They will not define me or confine me. I will run my own race. Different, beautiful and all my own. I believe in me and my potential. And I’m going to succeed because I’m brave enough to think I can.

Turquoise FF_Believe in Me  Turquoise FF_jpg

The flowers all have a beautiful, yet powerful message.  I know you will find one that calls to you.  We are lucky today because Fellow Flowers has offered YOU a Mother’s Day giveaway!!  One lucky winner will receive the package below with a tee, note cards, stickers & a flower of your choice:

Fellow Flowers_MomsDay

I love this tee.  “Going for a Run isn’t Mommy Being Selfish.  It’s Mommy Being Awesome.”  

It’s hard being a mom.  It’s hard stepping away from a new baby or even a rowdy crew and taking time for yourself without feeling guilty.   But trust me, Mom and baby BOTH need some alone time.  It’s the natural process of things.  Trust Dad or Grandma to keep baby safe.  Leave the guilt at home and go for a  run with girlfriends.  A short run with friends will bring Mom home smiling, destressed and so much happier overall.  A happy Mom is a better, more attentive Mom and Wife.  And that really makes Mom AWESOME.    Go be AWESOME!!

How to win this amazing giveaway?  I want you to tell us which flower you would pick, which one calls to you and tells your story!  Go pick your flower HERE and comment below to tell us which one you like best.  If you would like a second entry, go like the Fellow Flowers Facebook page HERE.   And for a third entry, probably a freebie for most of you, go like the TooTallFritz Facebook page HERE.    Three chances to win, just make sure you tell me which of the three you did (hopefully all three!) so that I can get you entered correctly. 

One winner will be selected via a Random Number Generator on Monday, May 12th at 9am.  Giveaway starts NOW!  Good luck!

** Never Be Afraid to Share YOUR Story ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

The Good & Bad…..

I’m going to back step a bit to Friday.  Normally I don’t go back to workouts that I don’t talk about because we are all adults and hey, I assume you are working out even when you don’t tell me, so I’d like to think you give me the same courtesy.  Right?  🙂

Friday started with a pool swim after I wrangled my little man to daycare.  I normally knock out 1.2 miles, the half iron swim distance, in the pool before most people have breakfast on Friday mornings.  Here is a lovely pic of me in the locker room wishing my swim were already over.

me_swim_6-22-12 The pools have been overcrowded due to summertime maintenance and I swear the water temp has gone up 10 degrees since school has been let out.  Not ideal.  Somebody suggested the schools may have raised the water temps because of the younger kids & swim lessons, I’m not really sure but I couldn’t catch my breath on Friday.  I was short on time as it was and never really got my rhythm.  It was humid & hot.  I was miserable.  I only had a half hour to swim and only managed .71 miles.  Bummer.  I was slow.  I couldn’t breathe.  I let the million extra people in the pool bother me.  I wanted to leave way before my time was up.  What do I do after a bad swim?  Shake it off!  No big deal.  It’s like having a bad run or a poor workout.  I just let it go and know that its not a reflection on my swim ability but that it was just a bad day.  Swimming is just like any other workout, some days are great, others not so much.  Please DO NOT let a bad workout zap your confidence.  It happens to all of us, even people who get paid to run/TRI have bad days.  It happens.

The good news, I am a week ahead of the recovery/rehab schedule.  Possible reasons why:  1)  I’m lucky?  2)  I have been icing 8-10x each day?  3) God is concerned about my mental health?  4)  I have been taking it easy and NOT doing anything that is not previously “okayed” by Dr. Alexis?  4)  I have been making Aby do all the hard work at the house?  5)  I have a positive attitude?

I’m not sure why things are going well; I’m just thankful! 


** Always Believe **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **