Be a Badass NOT a Victim …..

You know me, or maybe people like me who walk around in shirts proclaiming “toughness”.  We may not verbally tell you that we are tough or that we are a badass but our shirts, tights, or maybe even our socks will give you a clue. 

badass tights_Kari     Team Tough Chik _TRI back  image

Photos above:  Kari – Running Ricig in the Relax Reflect Badass Tights, me in the 2012 Team Tough Chik TRI kit, & the Sock It to Me Badass socks.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  We don’t really consider ourselves to be “that” tough.  We are projecting.  We want you to believe that we are tough, even if we don’t necessarily feel it inside.  Fake it til you make it, right? 

Perception is everything.  How others see us has a lot to do with how we carry ourselves.  What we say.  When we say it.  And what we DON’T say will speak volumes.  In today’s society, there is no place for weak women.  The weak become prey.  There are assholes predators lurking in the bushes, on our local trails, in our supermarket parking lots, everywhere really.  Don’t be scared but think for a minute about what you want to NON-VERBALLY convey to them?  What do you want them to think when they see you? 

Be confident.  Be a badass. 

Bad things happen to good people.  It’s not fair.  It sucks.  Some things are really beyond our control but how we react to a situation can possibly change the outcome. 

Be smart.  Be tough. Be confident.  Be a badass …. even when you don’t feel like one.  

I hope that when you see me in my “This is What Tough Looks Like” shirt, you think to  yourself, “Hmmm, she’s not so tough; I just saw her crying on the trail during her 20 miler last week!  I’m tougher than her!”  I hope that makes YOU feel stronger.  I hope that makes YOU feel like a badass.  I hope that gives YOU a confidence boost.  You are definitely tougher than me.   You are definitely a badass.  Live it.  Own it.  Project it.

Be confident.  Be a badass. 

So as your walking around today, I want you to focus on being confident.  I want you to look people in the eyes when you pass them.  I want you to say hello to perfect strangers.  I want you to look tough and feel like a badass walking thru your everyday life.  This is important, you need to project a confident air, even when you don’t feel it.  So pay attention to yourself because you never know when someone else is watching you and trying to decide 1) if you are paying attention to your surroundings and 2) if you are badass or a victim.  If can’t do it for yourself, do it for your daughters because those little eyes are watching EVERYTHING you do, learning your mannerisms, your strengths, your weaknesses, they are learning how to BE from watching you. 

Be confident.  Be a badass.

Me_BAMR shirt 

Badass Mother Runner shirt

In light of the recent attack of one of my run club members on Old Plank Trail in New Lenox, I want to revisit some previously written safety posts.  Please take a moment to open the links below and go over the runner safety tips.  If you have written a safety post in the past, please link it up in the comments below.  Thank you and please be safe.

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** Be a Badass NOT a Victim ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

14 thoughts on “Be a Badass NOT a Victim …..

  1. I always smile and say (hello/good morning/have a nice day) to all passers by wherever I run (yes I AM one of THOSE annoying ones). I feel that establishing some sort of connection may possibly deter someone from attacking me. I hate when a familiar and comfortable place that was once very safe is now tainted, but I won’t let those jerks take the trail away from me.

  2. Love this, I constantly preach the “Fake it til you make it” mantra and if you can embrace that then “act as if”. Then plan for it, what will I do if…….Insert your life situation here! Thanks Amanda for keeping safety at the front of our to do list.

  3. Great post!!! I just went though my second self defense course with the police force and cannot stress the importance of taking the time to find a course in your area. It is time for all the ladies out there to stand up for themselves and actually BE badasses and not just hope projecting an attitude will be enough to stay safe. These awesome guys on the force are just DYING to teach you how to stop being a victim and bring the pain. Just carrying pepper spray is not enough if you dont know how to ward off an attack and actually get to the pepper spray. I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to attend. The classes i have attended have also spent a lot of time talking about domestic violence and what the outcome of these relationships will be. This is information our girls need to hear. So…log on and sign up for a class. And…repeat as often as possible. This is the only way you can “practice” defending youself against an attack in a safe setting. Muscle memory is everything. The only way to overcome fear and anxiety is to train the body what to do in a controlled setting.

    • We gave a local martial arts guy who does self defense. A lot of the area ladies have already gone but we set up another class at the end of the month. I’m taking Aby too. Women definitely need to be able to defend themselves in as many ways as possible.

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  4. Love this post! Thank you for the healthy reminder. I never shy away from running challenges and tell my fast friends not to apologize or speak negatively about their chances of doing well but to OWN IT !! Thanks for the safety reminders, too. So important. Loved meeting you in real life!!

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