Friday Fundays…..

I haven’t been blogging too much about my Friday Funday’s because this has been a crazy month. For the first time in my life, since I was 16, I have a summer of Friday Fundays that do not include working. Initially when I bargained this into my schedule, the plan was to use the early Friday mornings for my long bike miles, then have over half the day to spend with the kiddos taking them on “field trips” a couple times a month, just hanging by the pool or heading to the lake early on Fridays. As we know, life doesn’t always deliver per our written request. Yes, I’ve had my June Friday’s off work but I have spent an inordinate part of each Friday training, working on rehab, doc appointments or running errands. Planning fail. We went on one field trip during June and that was with Michael’s school. Goal of two field trips per month fail.

Since the indoor pools are on summer vacation schedule, getting in swim time has also been quite a challenge. So my Friday Fundays have been starting with a swim after dropping Michael at school. As I have mentioned, swimming has not been fun since the pools are so overcrowded, I have to share a lane and I drink so much TRI Smart water while swimming. I would rather be swimming in the afternoons after work, before heading home but the pools don’t reopen during the day until 5pm. So I either wait for the pools to open, when I could already have Michael and be home on the weeknights, or I swim on Friday mornings. Therefore, I have been using the Friday Funday for swimming but plan to change that up this week to hopefully avoid the crowds and further free up future Friday Fundays. Here is a pic from Friday’s pool session as I was leaving. The place was packed. I mean, really packed.


After a swim, I head to the chiro for whatever amount of pain and torture rehab I can endure for the week. Of course, I should be rehabbing 3x per week but my schedule doesn’t allow for that. So the 1x per week rehab date is not a pleasant one.

After rehab, I head home for a torture session long bike ride. The goal is always 50 to 60 miles but I have only hit the 50 mile long ride 2x this month. I will participate in the Ironman Muncie 70.3 next weekend on July 7th where I will have to DNF after the swim & bike and the lack of long bike rides will show. I know its gonna hurt. I knew when I registered that on a “normal” schedule the 56 mile bike portion was going to hurt this early in my season considering my family, work & commute responsibilities, and well, June 2012 has not panned out the way that I planned. So many Friday’s this month, I’ve spent spinning miles on my trainer like this:


This last Friday was no different, as evidenced by the above photo. I headed out the door for my 50-60 mile ride and as soon as I turned North I noticed the black thunder clouds. I managed 20 miles outdoors, came home and rode on the trainer for another 18, then once the rains blew past, I went back out for an additional 13. I logged 51 miles total, which is still not equivalent to the miles I will need to ride in Muncie next week. Not cool.

So after all this, each Friday, I finish my workouts and rehab about 2pm. Shower off, then head to pick up Michael. Still better than a “real” Friday in my life but not really what I consider a Friday Funday. Next month will be better, right?

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball or two? Let it ruin your mood or just roll with the punches? I try to roll with whatever but would occasionally like things to work out smoothly. 🙂

** Wishing you a Friday Funday or Two! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

The Good & Bad…..

I’m going to back step a bit to Friday.  Normally I don’t go back to workouts that I don’t talk about because we are all adults and hey, I assume you are working out even when you don’t tell me, so I’d like to think you give me the same courtesy.  Right?  🙂

Friday started with a pool swim after I wrangled my little man to daycare.  I normally knock out 1.2 miles, the half iron swim distance, in the pool before most people have breakfast on Friday mornings.  Here is a lovely pic of me in the locker room wishing my swim were already over.

me_swim_6-22-12 The pools have been overcrowded due to summertime maintenance and I swear the water temp has gone up 10 degrees since school has been let out.  Not ideal.  Somebody suggested the schools may have raised the water temps because of the younger kids & swim lessons, I’m not really sure but I couldn’t catch my breath on Friday.  I was short on time as it was and never really got my rhythm.  It was humid & hot.  I was miserable.  I only had a half hour to swim and only managed .71 miles.  Bummer.  I was slow.  I couldn’t breathe.  I let the million extra people in the pool bother me.  I wanted to leave way before my time was up.  What do I do after a bad swim?  Shake it off!  No big deal.  It’s like having a bad run or a poor workout.  I just let it go and know that its not a reflection on my swim ability but that it was just a bad day.  Swimming is just like any other workout, some days are great, others not so much.  Please DO NOT let a bad workout zap your confidence.  It happens to all of us, even people who get paid to run/TRI have bad days.  It happens.

The good news, I am a week ahead of the recovery/rehab schedule.  Possible reasons why:  1)  I’m lucky?  2)  I have been icing 8-10x each day?  3) God is concerned about my mental health?  4)  I have been taking it easy and NOT doing anything that is not previously “okayed” by Dr. Alexis?  4)  I have been making Aby do all the hard work at the house?  5)  I have a positive attitude?

I’m not sure why things are going well; I’m just thankful! 


** Always Believe **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **