Knuckle Lights Review & Giveaway

I was super excited to see a package on my doorstep from Knuckle Lights this week.  I’ve talked about these many, many times before because they are very high up on my favorite things list.  If you run in the dark, then get ready to be introduced to the MVP of illuminated running.  Knuckle Lights:



My first “in the dark” runs were a really long time ago with my friend Lisa E, while I was in college.  She was a teacher at a local high school which required her to be up and moving WAY before me.  She would hit the pavement before the sun came up in order to knock out her run before starting the mom, wife, teacher duties.  I’m not really sure why a young college student would get up early in the morning to run but it seemed like a good idea at the time and I obviously REALLY liked Lisa so that made it so much more sane.  I would meet her at 5 am, we would stretch/run, then hit the gym when it opened at 6am to get in some StairMaster work before everyone else woke up.  Then I would return to the dorm, shower and go back to bed.  🙂

Thinking back to those runs, I have fond memories.   Friendship.  Running.  Stars.  Fitness.  Laughter.  It’s no wonder that I don’t mind running in the dark now because I can just pretend I’m running with Lisa and look up at our favorite star for great memories.  However, times have changed.  My body has changed.  I’m more fragile and my roads are darker than our illuminated college campus and the small college town where we ran.  I also have developed a knack for stepping “off the road” or into potholes.  I’ve rolled my ankle countless times. These Knuckle Lights have been a game changer for me.  I am in love.  I’ve been in love since my first pair, which I purchased several years ago.  They are bright.  They light the way.  They take me anywhere I want to go regardless of the lighting conditions.  They BRING the light.

KnuckleLights_on hand  KnuckleLights_on hand2  KnuckleLights_on hand3

The first pair that I purchased were the originals.  Version 1, if you will.  I bought them in yellow as a gender neutral color that the entire family could use.  Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.


I use them for running & hiking and the family uses them outside at night for various reasons (mostly dog related).  The kids frequently try to steal them to “play”.  It is safe to say that they are a family item that I try to hide away in my running bag.  The yellow lights have taken me many places and recently made the trip to Ragnar FL Keys.  No wimpy headlamp for me, I’ve got Knuckle Lights!  Yes, they are approved for Ragnar nighttime running.  In fact, here I am coming down a dark street in Miami with one of my lights. 


Although the Knuckle Lights come as a pair, I frequently only take one light with me so that I have the other hand free.  I don’t run with music and tend to be very cautious.  I like a free hand to break a fall or be able to grab my pepper spray if necessary.  One light provides a lot of light and I’m very comfortable running that way but everyone else I know uses both lights, all the time, for the full 90 Lumens of light (45 lumens for each light).

The lights slide over an open hand easily and they are very comfortable.  There is an adjustable strap to snug up the fit if it isn’t initially perfect.

KnuckleLights_on hand4

The second version of lights (in blue above) have a few upgrades.  1)  There are now three light options:  High, Low, & Blinking.  Version 1 only had one setting, which is equivalent to the “low” on this new version.  Yes, these newbies are actually brighter.  I tested them out this morn taking both a new one and an old one for my morning run.  There was a noticeable difference.  2) The strap is now a soft silicone verses the more rigid rubber from the first version.  I remember them updating version one after some issues with the straps breaking.  I’ve never had a problem with my strap at all but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the soft silicone they use now.  It just melted into my hand and I totally forgot about it.  Great update!  Worth upgrading!

I’m so happy to have found Knuckle Lights.  They have been a game changer for me and have made my morning runs so much safer.  I also use them on the trail for group runs at night.  I love that they come in a pair so that I can share with other runners who don’t have lights!

If you would like an opportunity to win a pair of Knuckle Lights, please comment below and tell me how you light up your nighttime runs.  You can also get one bonus entry for going to the Knuckle Lights Facebook page HERE and liking them.  Please leave a separate comment below stating that you liked Knuckle Lights on Facebook and provide your facebook name for verification purposes.   I will draw one winner for a set of BLUE Knuckle Lights ($39.99 value) via a random number generator on Monday, February 18th at noon.  Good luck!


** Be Safe – Illuminate YOUR Run **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

107 thoughts on “Knuckle Lights Review & Giveaway

  1. I NEED Knuckle Lights. I usually use a headlamp, but they are uncomfortable and I suspect they change my running form because I want the light to hit the ground. Plus I look like a dork.

  2. Right now I either run on the streets and my runs are lighted by street lights. On the OPRT, I use a headlamp I got in the camping section of Dick’s or Sports Authority.

  3. HI Amanda – I am with you. I love my current pair and have found many uses for them beyond running. They helped me easily see the back of a TV to hook things up the other day! I just got mine for Xmas and am getting ready to start running in the early am in the next week so I can’t wait to try ’em out on the road! The hubby is getting ready to start running with me so having two pairs for us would be AWESOME! 🙂

  4. I don’t need knuckle lights because I already have a set and a half. I just wanted to say, I miss the “old” days and I am really glad you were a college student who was willing to get up and run at an ridiculously early time. It was a really long time ago, my baby then is now in college and getting up at 5:30am to go to the gym to workout. Perhaps I should loan him my knuckle lights. lol

    • The knuckle lights move where you move your hands. So if there is something you want to look at it’s way more convenient. I live in noman’s land and coyotes are a kiling force. They like to eat right by the road and scare the crap out of me too. So I spend a lot of time flashing my lights around in the dark. 🙂 Also, the Knuckle Lights are way brighter. Anytime people who own headlamps run with me they are in shock. Big difference.

  5. I need a new pair of knuckle light’s, after running Ragnar Florida Keys, my whole van used my knuckle lights, because they were much better than what they had and it was dead when I ran my 11.8 leg!! Would love the new version!!!

  6. I need knuckle lights. I usually am lucky enough to snag a KL from a fellow FN runner to light my way or run with a FN runner who has a pair to light my way. I would love my very own.

  7. Right now I use this little clip- on for hat bills that my husband got for fishing. Not really bright but better than nothing – only problem is you have to look down for it to light the street.

  8. I don’t like things on my head so I don’t wear a headlamp. Sometimes I wrap a headlamp around my wrist, my own homemade version of knuckle lights. Otherwise I just run & rely on the street lights to light my way. Nice giveaway & review!!

  9. There are 3 of us that run the streets of frankfort in the early am and we each wear headlamps around our waists along with running vests to help light us up. we’ve been almost hit multiple times even WITH all that!

  10. I have a pair of them already and I LOVE them too! I use them for all my late afternoon/early evening runs. I would love to share another pair with a friend if I win

  11. I would love the knuckle lights. I asked for them in a running store and was sold a red bulb that literally fits on one knuckle. Did not know what all the hype was about until I saw a real knuckle light.

  12. I would LOVE these……I usually run nights, seems I have to most energy then. As of right now, I run with a reflective belt and a head lamp.

  13. My form of lighting at night is my daughters TinkerBell lamp that is used when we go camping. I need to choose my running gear wisley because of our budget. It works but Knuckle Lights would be much more official in showing that I am a runner.

  14. Great review and thanks for sharing. I never even knew something like this existed. I’ve seen several running with lights on their heads and hats but that always seemed like it would be very awkward to do. I’ll have to give these a try sometime.

  15. I have a light on an armband I use when I run. And usually a flashlight when i walk. This looks like a MUCH better option!!

  16. Idiot Runner Girl likes them. They seem pretty stellar. The lights on the main road my complex is on have been out for months now and it gets pretty dark out in the evenings and mornings. So much I refuse to run there anymore! People in NoFla can’t drive!! These would be stellar to have so I can see where I am going and I can run at home instead of driving out somewhere lit.

  17. Currently lighting up my runs with a headlamp, but as a 6ft tall woman…that’s a long way down to light the trails at night (being over 40 and not being able to see without my glasses doesn’t help much either) lol. I’d love a pair of knuckle lights to light my way. 🙂

  18. I’m a headlamp user currently, but ran with a friend a couple months ago who wore Knuckle Lights and I was impressed by how bright they were! I liked their FB page as well, FB name Ande’ Wegner (

  19. Several of us on our Monday night pub run club run with head lamps. I’ve never really had a problem with my head lamp until last night when I wore it for a run and was grossed out when I took it off and it was drenched in my own sweat. There is no real way to wash the band. So…..the knuckle lights would be great for this sweaty runner! And I’d like them on FB, but I have it up for lent.

  20. When Lisa E and Kelly E ran their marathon in November we lost 1 of Lisa’s knuckle lights… Kelly and I bought Lisa a new set…so now she has 3 knuckle lights!!!! I use a small finger light for running in the dark and a small blinky light pinned to the back of my jacket so people can see me from the back!! As you well know, Lisa E is very motivational and a very special person. She has taken me from a non-runner to a runner without ever telling me to get off my duff!!! I now run every chance I get. I am doing a half marathon on my own at the end of April.

  21. When I do run in the dark (which isn’t very often because I don’t have a great light :)) I wear a headlamp. It does the job, but I tend to get headaches when wearing anything on my head and therefore don’t wear it (or run in the dark) often. Would love some knuckle lights!

  22. I stay on well lit routes but would feel safer if people could see me from a distance. I them on FB over a year ago. Haven’t purchased because I am a single mom and my wants come last :).

  23. I would love to try Knuckle Lights! I am an early morning running and currently use a headlamp. The headlamp is okay, but can be awkward and uncomfortable. These look like a great idea!

  24. Awesome product! Knuckle Lights allow me to safely run in the early morning hours so I don’t interfere with my family’s schedules. I have my runs in before they are even out of the bed!

  25. I coach 2 programs (Sit to Fit 5k and a Full Marathon group). Unfortunately I’ve been lighting up my runs with a Coleman’s headlamp. It isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear obviously, but it also isn’t the best light for running. I would love to try these! Our beginner’s program is in a poorly lit area and all runs are at night. The Marathon group runs at night during the week, but the sidewalk are horrible.

  26. I use 2 LED flashing armbands right now to light up my night and early morning runs. Our neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks so I have to run in the street and even though there are street lights, you still have to watch the drivers really close. They don’t watch for runners and get awfully close sometimes. I have considered getting a hat with the LED lights in the bill, but I can’t stand to run in a hat.

  27. I like the knuckle light concept as I’m a morning runner and I have been taking a head lamp and wrapping around my hand as I find it gives the early morning cars more visibility of me as providing me some road surface lighting. I believe the knuckle lights would be a tremendous improvement as they would direct the light where I need it!

  28. Great blog. Some of it felt like I wrote it myself (run in the dark, step into potholes, no music, carry pepper spray) and have become disenchanted with my headlamp lately. Have “liked” Knuckle Lights on FB for quite awhile now.

  29. I run with a headlamp. but I simply wrap the headstrap up and carry it (my own ghetto version of Knuckle Lights, I guess). THis would be amazing for my early morning and late evening runs.

  30. I run in the early morning with a headlamp. I would love to give the knuckle lights a try because the headlamp doesn’t illuminate well enough and is uncomfortable… I guess I could try the “ghetto version” above and see how that is!!

  31. Did Ragnar with a borrowed kid’s Coleman headlamp. Of the hot pink variety. Also have opted for a lame, usually very dim, mini flashlight. I had a nice halogen one but one of my college kids either took it to school or lost it. A pr of Knuckle Lights would be dreamy 😀

  32. I have never used any lights for dark runs. Just reflective gear and extra caution. I would love to give them a try. Especially for these last few weeks of Derby Marathon training.

  33. I’m marathon training right now and get my weekly runs in on the treadmill. I run early in the morning so it’s still dark outside at 5am. Yesterday as I was running I was thinking about checking into knuckle lights so that I can run outside in the morning. The midweek runs are getting longer and 7 miles on a treadmill is no fun for this girl. Sounds like I need some knuckle lights!! 🙂

    I liked knuckle lights on Facebook. Chrissy Resendiz Doyle

  34. I currently use a headlamp for my dark runs and I’m in need of a better option. I also liked Knuckle Lights on FB. My FB name is Jeff Scott. Thanks for the awesome review.

  35. I don’t run in the dark often, but when I can’t handle the treadmill to avoid the dark and do, I am awful and don’t take anything. :/ I am blessed with a paved path to run on so I don’t have to worry about traffic, but the few lights that there are don’t provide much light. I keep looking at knuckle lights but haven’t jumped in and bought them yet. I need to get something for Ragnar this year though-don’t want to wear a headlamp!

  36. I love knuckle lights. Took mine to Burning Man and they really are great! Unfortunately, they seem to have died (probably the alkaline dust at Burning Man) so I could really use a new pair for running.

  37. Sneaking in under the wire! I tried running with a light attached to my hat, but the bobbing actually made me feel sick to my stomach and I had to take it off and carry it. Half the time, if it’s dark, I just carry one of my husband’s military-issued flashlights to go with as much neon/reflective gear as I can wear.

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