Injinji Socks Review & Giveaway ……

My feet are a “little” sensitive.  I’m SUPER picky about my socks.   And to be honest, no matter how picky I am, I still get blisters, lose toenails and have REALLY ugly feet.   I have more pairs of socks than any “normal” person should but really, WHO WANTS TO BE NORMAL?  I hand pick the most desirable pair of clean socks for each workout to protect my feet to the best of my ability.    If a pair stretches, or wears, or doesn’t fit perfect then it goes to the trash unless Aby claims them or recycling.   My sock collection ….. Yes, “collection” is the proper term ….. encompasses two full dresser drawers and “might” be sorted according to use, thickness, ankle height, trail and compression.  I don’t own socks for fashion purposes, each one is functional and an amazing performer or it loses it spot in the line-up.  Sounds dramatic?  Most definitely.  Serious business in my world. 


Until recently my sock drawer was missing one specific type of sock, the “toe sock”.   I first heard about toe socks, specifically Injinji Toesocks from a fellow friend/runner/blogger, Maggie at MagMileRunner.   She has been wearing them forever, raves about them {read her review HERE}, won’t run in anything else.  I wasn’t interested.  Sounded weird.  Like super weird (sorry, Maggie!).  Yeah, not for me.   However, my young running princess, Miss Abygayl, jumped onto the Injinji toe sock train with both feet and has been using them exclusively for well over a year now.  See her Injinji’s with her pink shoes from a run this fall. 

me & aby_shoes_injinji

Well, this year has been a particularly rough year for my feet.  My feet have blistered in every spot imaginable and I kept hearing Maggie’s voice in the back of my head, “you should try the Injinji’s”.  So I stole a pair of Aby’s for a test run on the treadmill and was pleasantly surprised.  Okay, I liked them a lot.  Really, a lot.  So I went shopping and bought a few pair.  Smile  All three of the ones pictured below (plus a blue pair), original weight no show socks.  Why did I pick those?  Because I haven’t bought Aby any in a while so I figured they had to be “originals”.


Wore those for a bit on all my long runs, then went shopping again for some taller, “trail” socks”.  Been wearing the midweight trail mini-crew socks for all my trail runs.  It’s been cold.  Snowy.  Icy.  But my feet stay warm even when they are wet. 


I’ve been very happy with all of these so I decided to reach out and get you some socks too because these things are awesome and I know that most people will be hesitant to try something so different.  I want you to think outside the box.  These socks are warm and cozy and fit so perfectly.  If you are prone to blisters and lose toenails like me, then these WILL help you.  They will also help hold your toe protectors in the perfect spot so that they won’t slide off when they get cold and wet {or sweaty}.  Nothing worse than having a toe protector half way off your toe when you are trying to run a marathon.  Been there, done that, not so fun.  That, however, won’t be a problem for me anymore! 

ToeProtectors_NEW feet w toe protectorsInjinji_road2 

I also like that the Injinji’s come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths since I prefer different types of socks for different types of runs.  One sock does not fit all runs!   I train mostly in the original weight no shows (pictured in grey but I have a few other colors too).  I run trails and wintery/cold/snowy runs in the midweight mini-crews (pictured in green but I also have purple).  I will race 5Ks in 2014 in the lightweight no shows,  like the black and purple ones below.   

Injinji_road   image  image

I am going to ask Santa to bring me a pair of the tall compression 2.0 socks because those are the only Injini socks which I have yet to try and I am anxious to add them to my compression sock drawer!! 


Now let’s hook you up for the win!  One lucky winner will win TWO pair of Injinji socks:  one pair for the road, another for the trail!  WhoooHoooo!   If you would like to enter to win, please comment below and tell me if you have EVER tried toe socks and if so how you feel about them!  Second entry available if you go like Injinji on Facebook HERE (and then let me know in the comments below). 

One winner will be drawn on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 9am via a random number generator.  Good luck!

** Toe Sock Convert ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** 

61 thoughts on “Injinji Socks Review & Giveaway ……

  1. I wear toe socks for fun… not running. I’ve been told I’ve been weird. LOL. If I can find the pic on Facebook, I’ll tag you in it. LOL.

    I like Injinji on Facebook.

    • Try them! I know they look weird. And sound weird. But they FEEL good when you are running. And they protect your toes, which also sounds weird but with my messed up feet, I need all the help I can get. LOL!

  2. i haven’t seen toe socks since junior high! I would probably have to get used to them… isn’t it funny how the “norm” is “mittens” for feet and “toe socks” for your fingers? 🙂

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  5. I haven’t tried toe socks, but am interested in doing so. I always run in Vibram “barefoot” toe shoes, and I have to admit it’s a little chilly in the winter with no socks. Toe socks for my toe shoes might be just what the doctor ordered!

  6. In the 7th grade (um, in the early 1980s), these were REALLY popular, so I had two pair that were striped. They were AWESOME 🙂 I think it’s funny that the 80s are back, but I’ve not tried any for 30+ years. They are made SO much better now then back then, to be honest. They really weren’t “good old days”. 🙂

  7. And I just liked them over at FB. I have to say, I don’t mind liking them over there. I am really considering getting my hubby a pair for Christmas. . . “liking” their page is a good reminder to do that!
    Thanks, and by the way (, I may have just nominated you for an award–still writing the post.

  8. I tried them when Groupon had a deal a few months ago for 6 pairs for $20. I LOVE THEM.

    Like you, everyone I knew raved about them and I thought they were full of crap. Wrong. So, so wrong. I love these socks. They’re great for the winter, because they seem to warm my feet up quicker on cold days and keep them warmer longer. I used to get really terrible toe cramps after running, and those have been all but eliminated at this point.

    I liked Injinji on Facebook also!

  9. I wore toe socks a long time ago, at about the same time rainbow suspenders were “in” ! I’m sure I looked great in the long rainbow ones I wore . I liked the Facebook page, and I need some new socks. 🙂

  10. I used to wear funky toe socks when I was a kid during my hippie days 🙂 Struggled with blisters and almost gave up running until someone recommended Injinji. I’ve never looked back!

  11. I haven’t tried toe socks yet, but I’ve definitely thought about it! Your review makes me want to go out and buy some of these!

  12. I haven’t tried toe socks. My sister used to love them. It was the only kind she’d wear. I’m really intrigued since I blister so badly. I’ve lost 2 nails, blistered more times than I care to think about and severely sprained a toe since I started running again…

  13. hey TTF…count me in. I did try these a few years ago. I won’t go do the “Like” on Facebook because that wouldn’t be being honest because based on that single pair I tried…didn’t like them. I liked the concept, but what I didn’t like was I had problems getting some of the toes in to fit and had to spend a lot of time fiddling with them to stretch them over some of the toes. Perhaps it was a size thing and should have got a larger size, but there was no guidance or anything to go on when I bought them other than you buy your normal sock size. I am hoping they made some design changes or something that gives them a lot more give and easier fit for the toes. One thing you note that wasn’t available when I was looking at them is the compression sock. Now that might solve the problem because compression material has a nice give to it and a nice feel when you get them one. Anyways…I will give them another try should I get lucky on the random draw. Good post….and now I can call you the “Melda Marcos” of socks! LOL!

  14. I have only tried toe socks in the fashion sense when I was a teen because, obviously, toe socks were awesome in the 90s.

  15. I LOVE LOVE injinji socks. I am so very picky about socks. I have even been spotted after a face with them on (wearing flip flops) Dying to try the compressions, which are not yet sold in Canada…i love the no shows. my fav sock for sure.

  16. I like how your opening paragraph asks “who wants to be normal” but then you say you didn’t try Injinjis because they were too weird. Who’s normal now??? 😉

    Glad to hear you finally tried them and like them!! They also recently came out with some striped knee socks (not compression – I’ve already spent enough $$ on compression socks/sleeves) and I love those too! I like the lightweight no-shows for the summer, and the regular or heavier weight crew ones for the winter – they are tall enough for me so that there isn’t a gap between where my tights end and socks begin.

  17. I had them in middle school! Lol! I had no idea they were around for running. After reading your post I would so be willing to try them!!

  18. When I jog or even walk, on my left foot, my second toe rubs up against my big toe which in a sneaker + sock + sweat causes a lot of irritation that is extremely painful as I exercise and that turns into a blister later on..
    so out of desperation I have tried toe socks before but cheap cotton ones. I’d love to win these toe socks that are actually made for exercise. Great giveaway!

  19. I LOVE Injinjis!! I do every long run in them….NO blisters…ever! And I just liked their Facebook page…I didn’t know they had one…so super thanks!

  20. I have horrible feet and have always felt like there just wasn’t any hope for them! I’ve never tried toe socks though…maybe that’s the secret weapon! I’ve always thought they would feel funny between my toesies! I’d love to give them a chance!

  21. I haven’t tried Injjnji toe socks yet but I’m dying to get my hands on a pair! I have problems with my toe nails cutting into the neighboring toes 😦

  22. I haven’t! But my toes and feet are getting so gnarly about to try anything! I LOVE my shoes except for this one little thing… 🙂

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