CrossFit Day 46 & 47 ….

Yesterday finished out my year at CrossFit.  I’m sad to say that between the holidays and my need to “rest” a little bit before the Huff 50K on December 28th, that I’m done for 2013. 

It was a good finish to the year with two solid workouts.

Day 46 – Back Squats 7×3 – 73# total – I’m getting more flexible!!!!

back squats 1

  back squats 32 

 back squats 3

Tabatas – 8 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds res.t

  • Over the box jumps – think box jump but instead of going down the same way you came up, you go off the other side, turn around and repeat.  Takes a bit of coordination.
  • Ring Rows
  • Kettlebell Swings – 26#s
  • Wall Balls – I think we moved up to 12#s this time.  Whoa.
  • Ball Slams – I think we moved up to the 20# ball.  Really heavy.  Not a lot of “bounce” happening in my area. 

Day 47 – 4 Rounds:  10 Pull-ups & 10 Burpees.  I must have been having a good day cuz J tried to take one of my support bands away.  Didn’t work.  So we added one of lesser resistance back into the equation.  I’m getting stronger but still need a lot of help.

For Time:  200 lunges with 7 push-ups, on the minute, every minute until completion.  Took me almost 7 minutes.  LOL!

50 Sit-ups & 50 Superman’s to finish things out. 

Good bye, CrossFit.  I’ll see YOU in the New Year!

** 47 CrossFit Sessions in 2013 – Started 3rd week of June ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

9 thoughts on “CrossFit Day 46 & 47 ….

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  2. Box jumps and I have a bit of a tumultuous relationship. I can’t even picture OVER the box jumps. I’d probably wind up sprawled on the box.

  3. Good job TTF…a lot of effort and commitment to go the distance with the program. Holidays will keep you busy enough, so a break in the work-out routine probably best. Hmmmm….picture of dorsal view of doing squat probably fitting end to a year of X-Fit…leaving it all behind….moving on to a New Year!

    • It’s a process working on frequent stretching and the constant hammering of squats, lunges and other exercises which I had assumed was to make us strong. Now I’m starting to see that he needed our runner muscles to become more flexible so that we can do some of the more advanced lifts and moves which require flexibility to avoid injury. He’s been very respectful of the fact that we are runners FIRST and that we are doing this to get strong for running and life. It’s cross training for us but I think he is trying very hard to make us CrossFitters too! I’m super pleased and really enjoy it too!

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