All Dressed Up…..

On Monday nights, the local running store, Running For Kicks sponsors a fun run out of the store front in Palos at 6pm.  For over three years, I have wanted to participate in one of these runs; however, my schedule sucks timing is wrong for me as the store is about half way between work and home.  If I stop at the store it is usually an hour before the run or a half hour after.  Today, I saw that they were doing a Christmas Fun Run and I attempted wanted to fit it in so that I could dust off my red Team Sparkle Skirt.  I honestly thought I could make it…until I hit Christmas rush-hour traffic.  Here is a photo of the RFK Christmas Group Run…..stolen photo alert….RFK facebook page. 

Great looking group.  Do you see anyone missing?  Right, I didn’t make the start.  I was probably 8 to 10 minutes late but as all of you know, that’s a good mile shy of the pack.  So I was all dressed up with nowhere to go…

However, I came to run and I was going to run.  I run solo all the time but don’t drive 45 minutes each way to do it.  Mel D. pointed me in the right direction and off I ran into the darkness with my KnuckleLights.  I must say Mel’s directions had a little to be desired were vague seeing as I had neither been to a previous RFK group run nor ran in Palos ever before other than on race courses that RFK has sponsored….and my race motto is merely to follow the people in front of me.  I never stress about looking at a map, etc.  However, today I was running blind and trying to make the best of it.  Thank goodness for the CountryGirl sense of direction.   I did manage to catch a group of walkers and they gave me some very valuable instructions.  Then I somehow stumbled onto a group of runners.  But other than the few people I saw, I just tried to enjoy the neighborhood lights and the mild temps.  It was a really beautiful night….and HELLO…..I was wearing a RED SPARKLE SKIRT.  Here are a few homes that really caught my eye so glad they didn’t call the cops on me for photographing their homes.

I am happy that I was able to get out and grab some road time. I just ran a couple of loops multiple times, then when the homeowners started peeking out their windows, I would move onto another loop til I got in enough miles, then I headed back to the store.  In all, it was 6.56 miles in 1 hr 4 min.  Not lightning pace, but I did take some photos, plus had some directional issues, and I always am extra cautious in the dark.  So it was a good run for me.

An added bonus, I saw Judy & Kate when I got back to the store.  Then I begged got a few photos.  Gail & I: 

Gail was rockin’ some AWESOME socks.  Not sure which were hers but I was jealous!  Note:  photo stolen from the RFK facebook page!

Mel D. & myself – Lots of respect for this man, he helps a lot of people and genuinely cares about me you and my your running and foot pain.  Thanks, Mel!

I strongly encourage you to head over to RFK for one of their fun runs; but leave the house early so you don’t miss the start they are loads of fun with people you know and love, plus they will probably even feed you.  Sorry, I didn’t get to see more of you tonight.  I honestly tried, just don’t have enough minutes in the day.

Try to find the silver lining in any situation.  Some people have real problems so I need to remind myself don’t sweat the small stuff.  There will be other days, other runs and more life to live.  Try to do the best with what you have for today!  What is your best advice for handling the day-to-day disappointments mishaps?

Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                       

20 thoughts on “All Dressed Up…..

  1. I’m sorry I missed you too! I usually don’t stick around for very long post-run because it takes me about 45 minutes to get home, and I come to the store straight from work. But it’s such a great group to run with! Also, I think the folks in that neighborhood are used to the crazy runners … the “usual route” (that I’ve almost memorized … yes I’ve been going there for almost three months now) is just repeating the same series of loops. Although at one point (if you want to do 5 or more miles) you go “out to the mailbox and turn around.” Yeah. That’s why I always stick with Judy!

    • Also, which way did you come up? I come from Mokena and take 191st to Harlem and take that up. Traffic is usually fine on Harlem. But I avoid LaGrange as much as possible – Monday nights and otherwise.

      • I am came from home so just jumped on 57, to 167th, to Cicero, to Rt 83 to 127th. It is the easiest way to go and I miss a lot of traiffic up til Oak Forest then it was super slow going. My other option could be Harlem but then I have to get thru TP and Orland traffic.

  2. 2Tall. You are so funny and so witty, with your REAL thoughts crossed out. I am enjoying the read. Your Valpo run buddy, Coach Mitzi

  3. You are a true Rock Star for running on your own. If I had been in traffic and missed the start, I would have probably just cried and turned around and went home. Good for you for making the best of it! Wear your sparkle skirt on Wednesday to run!

  4. 4 Me…it is simply…wake-up..take 1-day at a time…take 1-run at a time…today is now…tomorrow the future….just stay with the now…Also…ya can substitute 1-run at a time with “task” or whatever ya have on the day’s itinerary.

    Wow…ya where there at the X-mas run…I was too…off with the pack in Ishnala Subdivision, SW of the store….Maybe you ran the “flats” by St. Al’s? Anyways…I only did 4.25 mi and was back at the store with few back yet…stayed long enough to eat 2 cookies…then had to head off and get some things at the food store….one cannot make a balanced meal out of cookies and cupcakes!

    2 bad I missed ya in yur sparkle skirt…but glad ya made and enjoyed the time! Yes…it was comparatively balmy! Peace-2-All

  5. I have never made one of the RFK runs since I don’t get home from work until right after 6. However, next week I’m off on Monday so I hope to make an appearance for the first time ever!

    • Good luck! They look fun, try it! I know the whole work thing really gets in the way of my running too. :o)

      Also, get me a shout if you see Shamrock Socks at Target . I’m going tonight to look for the Christmas Socks.

      I hope you are up for the GREEN Sparkle Skirt for the Shamrock Shuffle!!

      • Thanks! I plan on having a full Christmas breakfast with my Dad (consisting of biscuits and gravy or chipped beef on toast) so I’ll have something hearty in my stomach to keep me going!!

        I want a green sparkle skirt! Green is my fav color and I’d have SO many outfits to wear it with! I’ll have to see how things shake out after Christmas. Perhaps we can be a green division of Team Sparkle??

        Since I hit up the Super Target by me about once every 2 weeks, I’ll let you know when I see some shamrock socks come in. My friends and I always get really festive and wear tons of green (even in hot or snow) for the race. Here are some of my race photos. Can you guess which ones are from the Shamrock Shuffle??

      • I don’t know why it won’t let me reply to your other message, but that is the year we decided to run it together. We are making the sign language letter “K” crossing the finish line. Since there are 3 of us and our names all start with “K”, we know we can’t make shirts that say “KKK” or anything, for obvious reasons.

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