Carey – Extended Family – Christmas 2011

It is super hard to get the entire family together now as each of our families grow, and add spouses/children; however, this year, one of the Carey sisters sent us all an invite for a quick Christmas get together.  Fortunately I was in town, so yesterday was a jammed packed day for Ms. TooTall.  First, I ran with the F’N Running Club, then stopped for a few missing Christmas presents, then home to make Chicken Pot Pies for the Carey Family Get Together. 

Although this will never be a cooking blog, here is the pot pies in progress.  They were super easy:  1 bag of frozen chicken breasts cooked/shredded (I always cook my chicken in the crock pot, then pull it a part), Pillsbury Ready Made Pie Crusts, frozen peas/carrots/green beans (thawed), Campbell’s Cream of Celery (small can) and Cream of Chicken (large can) Soup concentrate, LOTS of Garlic & Pepper. 

They turned out really well, I would probably add a little chicken broth next time too because in an attempt to make sure they were thick and not runny, I went the other way and I think they needed a little more moisture although they certainly weren’t dry at all. 

We are also POTTY TRAINING full-time now.  Thanks to Nicole R. for posting on facebook that her 2.5 year old little one was taking the plunge cuz it was a big kick in the ass motivator for me to make it happen for Michael before the holidays because 1) he is ready, 2) it needs to happen and 3) time is of the essence.  So we are “all in” so to speak and there is no going back.  We went both days this weekend with very few accidents.  We even went to Aunt Sue’s last night in big boy pants and although mommy took the Resolve and a roll of paper towels he didn’t have one accident.  But who would want to potty in something this cool?

Aby has been pivotal in the potty training too because she helps him when I am folding laundry in another room and encourages him to go, even when he doesn’t want to do it.   These two will be inseparable for life, their bond is really remarkable.  Aby is an AWESOME Big Sis and I am super proud of her! 

Michael really isn’t into photos.  Aby – age 10 and Michael – age 2 (and three months cuz that’s important when you are a lil guy). 

Aunt Sue’s tree was really cool because it was decorated with Disney Characters.  I sat with the kiddos and we spent some time looking at all the ornaments.  Of course, Michael’s favorite was still a big Santa.  The kid is obsessed with loves Santa. 

The Carey, Labriola & Kunz Families

 The Carey, Labriola & Kunz Grandkids

Also, as an added bonus besides getting the kiddos together to run off some energy, Aunt Sue presented the Carey family with a coaster of their family crest.  She recently took a trip to Ireland to dig up some family history and one of her objectives was to find their crest…..mission accomplished. 

Super cool!  Makes me wonder, do the Fritz’s have a family crest?

How many family get-togethers will you be doing this holiday season?  Yesterday was the first of 3 for us.  I actually love doing the family thing, especially when other kiddos are involved so that ours can interact with their cousins.  How about you, do you like or dread the family functions? 

Happy Holidays!                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Carey – Extended Family – Christmas 2011

  1. TTF…very nice expose on family and holidays….not so much on my side cause my kiddies all big grown-ups now…both my parents gone….and many surviving relatives old and not all that motivated to undertake or travel round to bigger family gatherings….So…it will just probably be my 2-GUKs and my brother and we eat, drink and B-Merry…and probably watch Bears take on Green Bay!

    I think it was in recent issue of Runners World (or maybe in the last 2 issues or on their website) they had a “Chicken Not Pie” recipe that was essentially a chicken pot pie without the pot-pie. I believe the chef’s intent was to keep the fat content down and keep it more focused on veggies, protein and carb from veggies. I wrote it down for future reference.

    Ya…I think Germans have crest or shields too. You should look that up…then you can scan the image and “vertically-stretch” it out….and then ya have a Too-Tall Fritz shield ya could print on your running shirts! Ha….

  2. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “It is in our lives and not our words that our religion must be read.” by Thomas Jefferson.

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