Trail Woes….

Today was an adventure for the F’N Running Club in that we tried a trail that most of us had not used previously.  We went over into the middle of nowhere New Lenox to the Hadley Valley Forest Preserve.  This trail has a single loop of 2.47 miles and then an out and back which is 4.58 miles round trip.  So most runners did the loop, then the out and back for a total of approximately 7.05 miles.  Then a few of us who didn’t want to go home needed more miles ran an extra loop plus a few circles in the parking  lot for an even 10 miles.   Here is our group from this morning:  Jeni, Brian, Don, Suzanne, Susan, Nicole, Joe, Amy & Kate

Every time I get to a run and there are lots of people, it just makes me giddy, so THANK YOU to everyone who came out.  I know you didn’t come for me but it still makes me happy to feel like I’m part of something.

The Hadley Valley Forest Preserve Trail didn’t workout so well for Ms. TooTall.  First, if you pull up the page, the photo you see is of a nice man sitting on a horse. 

Although the trail was wide and good for group running, it was obviously primarily used for equestrian purposes and there were lots of big divots and ruts in the trail.  One of the ladies who uses the trail on a more frequent basis said that they grade it but that is probably “in season”.  December really isn’t in season for anything other than Santa so this was a bit of an issue.  Also, my lack of miles this week and possibly the StairMaster left my legs feeling heavy and useless.   So it was a bit of a rough go and I struggled from mile 6 on thru 10.  I totally fell off pace around mile 7 and just tried to keep my 10 milers in sight….which wasn’t easy.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold or windy either because this trail is within an open grassy plain and there wasn’t any trees that would have provided a wind or sun break for weather purposes.  All in all, it was a good run with GOOD FRIENDS, so a great day.  Love you F’N Runners, thank  you for making me feel welcome each time I come out.

Hadley Valley Forest Preserve, I won’t be seeing you again for a long time.  Your divots and ruts were hard on my recovering plantar fasciitis feet body and the pain came early.  So thanks but no thanks, lots of other places to run that make 10 miles a bit more fun!

10.03 miles – 1:37:50 – big stop half way and a couple photo stops but my phone was giving me an attitude struggling with the cold.

Happy Running,                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                 

6 thoughts on “Trail Woes….

  1. There will be times when the runs don’t fare so well or not-so enjoyable…for whatever reasons. The good news if better runs will come…in time…it’s the yin and yang of running!

  2. It is wonderful to have friends join you. To be honest this morning if my friends had not shown up, I would have gone back to bed! We are a small group(3) with hopes of a 4th joining us at some point, but it makes all the difference in the world. They can visit you thru the nasty WI hills, “carry/push” you when the going becomes harder than what you really wanted to experience on a given run. It is truly a gift to have good running partners! My public thanks to Cheryl H. and Stacia N. for helping me pound out 6miles this morning!

    • Great job, ladies! And yes, it does make the getting out of bed so much easier knowing that somebody is gonna call you out if you don’t show. For a group your size it is so much more important that all of you show because you don’t have somebody to step up to take your spot if you are MIA. The pressure! LOL!

  3. Dang, where was that cute park ranger dude shown in the photo? If he had shown up, I would stayed to run a lot longer 😉 I thought that the divits in the trail were difficult for running. Many of the people were saying that the gravel is easier on the joints, although my joints felt a bit sore before we even started, so I wouldn’t know. I was very exited that we had so many runners today. This is a trail that I would run again because I don’t think it would be icy, but I would certainly avoid it on a windy day (nothing to break the wind), and you wouldn’t catch me on it during a hot sunny day (no shade!). I love the idea of trying new trails, but I’m a creature of habit and much love my Old Plank Trail!

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