Winter Workouts + CrossFit Day 50 & 51

Just like you, these cold wintery days are taking their toll on my good humor.  I’m not sure why because I do most of my workouts inside since hubby changed jobs in August of 2013.  Yes, it’s been a long ass 6 months, in case you were wondering.  My outside runs are few and far between and yes, I may have just signed up for another marathon so that I’m guaranteed at least 1 outdoor run within the next six weeks.   So if you are heading to the Little Rock Marathon on March 2nd, LOOK FOR ME!!!!

Last week brought back “real” workouts for me.  A couple short runs on the treadmill and the return to CrossFit.  This week, I’ve been at both the TUE & THUR CrossFit sessions PLUS I ran 7 miles on the treadmill Monday night AND I hit the StairMaster on Tuesday night.  Yes, I’m feeling like a total stud for making the most out of my indoor workouts.  Plus I love the StairMaster and it’s nice to have an excuse to use it rather than just pounding out miles on the treadmill.  Say HELLO to me in my dining room home gym as I stair away.


On to the week’s CrossFit workouts. 

CrossFit Day #50  – Back Squats – 6 x4 – 73#

WOD  for time – 200 Single jump ropes, 75 Kettlebell Swings (26# – and DANG was this hard), 50 – 10# medicine ball “side to side” sit-ups, 25 handstand push-ups.

The side to side sit-ups might be new.  I don’t remember doing them before but I envision them to be very beneficial to my spongy core.  Assume the sit-up position.  Come up to crunch position but only lift the feet slightly off the floor.  Then move the medicine ball from side to side, touching it on the floor each time before pivoting to the opposite side of your body. 

side to sides

CrossFit Day #51 – WOD “Jackie”

  • 1000 meter row – Apparently I was rowing incorrectly and even though it was explained to me, as well as demonstrated, in SLOW MOTION, apparently it was too much for my brain to absorb at 5am.  Sorry, J.  Anyhow, I limped thru it in about 5ish minutes.  Not sure it counts if I was doing something wrong but I was moving.  Smile
  • 50 Thrusters – 33#
  • 30 Pull-Ups – assisted with 2 bands and I still struggled.
  • Extra Credit cuz we had extra time – 10 Pull-ups w/ bands, 50 abmat sit-ups, 50 superman’s, 50 side to side sit-ups, 50 ring rows.

Bam!  Another awesome week of workouts and I still have a couple days to go!  What are you up to this week?

Unrelated side note – When I woke up this morning, I found this by my purse.  Aby made it for an Art Club project and I am IN LOVE!  Great job, “baby” girl!

Keep Calm and Run Faster

You’ll find this sign on one of my kitchen cabinet doors for the next year or so.  #KeepingItClassy

**  Keep Calm and RUN FASTER ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Trail Woes….

Today was an adventure for the F’N Running Club in that we tried a trail that most of us had not used previously.  We went over into the middle of nowhere New Lenox to the Hadley Valley Forest Preserve.  This trail has a single loop of 2.47 miles and then an out and back which is 4.58 miles round trip.  So most runners did the loop, then the out and back for a total of approximately 7.05 miles.  Then a few of us who didn’t want to go home needed more miles ran an extra loop plus a few circles in the parking  lot for an even 10 miles.   Here is our group from this morning:  Jeni, Brian, Don, Suzanne, Susan, Nicole, Joe, Amy & Kate

Every time I get to a run and there are lots of people, it just makes me giddy, so THANK YOU to everyone who came out.  I know you didn’t come for me but it still makes me happy to feel like I’m part of something.

The Hadley Valley Forest Preserve Trail didn’t workout so well for Ms. TooTall.  First, if you pull up the page, the photo you see is of a nice man sitting on a horse. 

Although the trail was wide and good for group running, it was obviously primarily used for equestrian purposes and there were lots of big divots and ruts in the trail.  One of the ladies who uses the trail on a more frequent basis said that they grade it but that is probably “in season”.  December really isn’t in season for anything other than Santa so this was a bit of an issue.  Also, my lack of miles this week and possibly the StairMaster left my legs feeling heavy and useless.   So it was a bit of a rough go and I struggled from mile 6 on thru 10.  I totally fell off pace around mile 7 and just tried to keep my 10 milers in sight….which wasn’t easy.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold or windy either because this trail is within an open grassy plain and there wasn’t any trees that would have provided a wind or sun break for weather purposes.  All in all, it was a good run with GOOD FRIENDS, so a great day.  Love you F’N Runners, thank  you for making me feel welcome each time I come out.

Hadley Valley Forest Preserve, I won’t be seeing you again for a long time.  Your divots and ruts were hard on my recovering plantar fasciitis feet body and the pain came early.  So thanks but no thanks, lots of other places to run that make 10 miles a bit more fun!

10.03 miles – 1:37:50 – big stop half way and a couple photo stops but my phone was giving me an attitude struggling with the cold.

Happy Running,                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                 


We all know that I am super tentative about my foot right now even though it currently doesn’t hurt but I  still needed a workout since I have eaten everything in sight for 2+ weeks so I decided on a little cross training last night.  My absolute favorite machine is the StairMaster.  I like the old school ones like Lisa E. and I busted ass on used in the Hanover gym for years while I was in college.  On February 1, 2005, I purchased one of those old school StairMaster 4000PT‘s from to get rid of 10 plus years of excessive eating and drinking lose some weight.  At the time, going to the gym was OUT.  Aby was a little over 3 at the time, I was working/commuting, etc. and time was tight.  I also, didn’t have the $$ for gym quality equipment but couldn’t live without this model so I purchased a refurbished one.  It has worked out really well for me and I would not hesitate to go with a refurbished product again.  It even broke once, within the first year, and they came out and replaced the motherboard…..over a $1000 between the service call and the replacement “part” and I didn’t have to pay a dime.  Yes, I’m a fan.    In fact, if I ever took the plunge on a dreadmill, I would go back to globalfitness for a refurbished gym model.  I made the mistake of purchasing an elliptical machine at a “big box store” in 2006 and that thing is a piece of shit lacking a lot in the quality department.  Lesson learned.

Okay, let’s do it….Aby try to grab a photo, okay? 

Just the beginning…..

Fast Feet!

My view, yes, the dining room is my gym, and the Christmas Room. 

My bike and the elliptical will come back to the dining room gym as soon as Christmas is over.  We attempted to sell the house last year because we can’t afford it wanted to change school districts; therefore, everything we loved personal was banished to the basement or barn.  Thank goodness, my StairMaster wouldn’t fit thru any of the doors during Operation Banishment.

If you like to sweat, the StairMaster is the machine for you!  I normally don’t sweat unless I’m vacuuming running hard or it’s super hot out (and I’m running) but this machine brings the sweat immediately!

I always recommend the StairMaster to anyone who wants to lose weight.  It’s not fun but you will sweat out all the alcohol chocolate you ate/drank over the last month in just one session.  So if you want to lose weight, put down the HO-HO’s NOW  jump on the StairMaster and make it a happen, then go back and do it again tomorrow, and the next day and you will lose that ass weight.  If you need a kickstart, you can also try the AdvoCare Trim line to help boost your metabolism and give you more energy to hit the daily workouts.  But you still have to workout.  If you see an ad or hear somebody tell you that you will lose weight without working out they are lying you aren’t getting the full story.  You must sweat to lose.  Promise.  Been There, Done That.

Thirty minutes of sweat and I’m done.  I didn’t have any much time tonight but squeezed in a short one.  It was 4.xx miles.  Not exactly sure how far because Michael kept saying, “Mommy, what you doing?   Mommy, what you doing?  Mommy on StairMatter?  Mommy all done?  Mommy, what you doing?”  It broke my concentration even though I was really trying to remember the mileage so that I could post it on DailyMile.

So I got in a workout, I made something happen.  May not be much of a workout to most of you but I was moving.

“Run”way Fashion:  I was totally rocking the sale rack.  The Signature Tee was on sale a month or so ago for $12 and I snapped one up, then had RaceExpressions add the TooTallFritz logo front/back.  Love this shirt, it’s my second one, is super soft and just a perfect shirt for workouts and life.  I think it runs big, that being said, it’s a regular shirt size.  If you buy a M at Kohl’s, then get an M here.  I have to size up for Nike some big name running brands.  This shirt is now on sale with the 12 Days of Skirtmas Sale for $15.  Signature Tee

I also picked up a pair of the Under the Skirt Leggings thru the 12 Days of Skirtmas Sale!  Normally $55 they are currently on sale for $27.50.  I’ve been wanting these for a long time and I was not disappointed.  They are soft, smooth and perfect.  Flare at foot/ankle, pocket on each side.  LOVE.  Super stylish! Under Skirt Leggings

There has been a lot of talk lately about bloggers making $$ on product reviews.  Just an FYI….all of the products that I have reviewed to date are those which I have purchased with my own $$.  I have not received any free items, nor do I profit if you purchase any of the things I “love”.  I review the products because I do spend a lot of $$ on fitness/running gear/clothes/shoes and I personally enjoy hearing what other think about things before I spend my hard-earned $$.  I try to help you out with the same.  If I am ever fortunate enough to receive anything FREE with the obligatory review to follow, I will be sure to mention it at the time.  However, it’s not an issue at this point.  But by all means, if you want to send me something to review, I’m more than happy to do it!

How are you doing with the extra holiday treats?  Do you work in an office where all of the goodies which you deny yourself throughout the year show up on your desk or in the kitchen between Dec 10th & 24th?  I’m struggling!  Can’t seem to control the junk food intake which I am normally so good at ignoring!  UGH!

Happy Eating Holidays!                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz