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After the last lady was attacked on our local trail, I personally asked a local martial arts guru (Dennis Wright Martial Arts) to set up a ladies self defense class.    Yesterday was the day and Aby & I, plus Michael, went out to the event at a local park.  I can’t say anyone besides Michael was excited to go.  Aby had a rough track & field schedule last week and I have been sick since last Tuesday (am still sick, getting an antibiotic today!!).  We were all tired but you can’t bail on an event when you ask someone to put it on for you!

I’m not sure what I expected.  I’m not sure what other events are like.  However, this was a very interactive event with instruction, demonstration and lots of drills.  We hit, we kicked, we kneed, we poked eyes, slapped ears and kicked the “poor” attackers (demonstrators) in the balls more times than they probably want to admit. Photos below from Women of Caliber (not our actual class) & Kravchicks.

image   image   image

We did two different types of choke hold rolls & learned how to get out of a hold if pinned to the ground by an attacker.  Lots of repetition.  Lots of pounding.  Lots of kicking, kneeing & twisting out of wrist holds.  I’m definitely bruised today on my knees, lower arm & wrists.

battered knees   image

What I learned:  1)  Don’t grab onto Aby cuz she can’t wait to kick you in the balls or pound her knuckles on you.  2)  Kids learn more quickly than adults and aren’t afraid of hurting the demonstrators.  Sorry demonstrators!    3)  These types of classes need to be repeated, multiple times.  There is no way to absorb everything all in one session.  4)  Good time & money investment to take a few classes.   YOU are worth it!!  5)  Always hope that you never have to use self defense but can actually defer a situation by yelling STOP and scaring the crap out of someone who didn’t expect you to be on top of the situation.  6)  Don’t fight, just do what you need to do to put enough distance between you and an attacker to get away. 

Have you taken a self defense class?  How many classes do you think it takes to actually “sink in”? 

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **


15 thoughts on “Self Defense Class ……

  1. I went to two of his classes before. Definitely interesting to be able to hit all of these “attackers”!! And I also got bruised with photos to show for it!!

  2. I took kickboxing classes for YEARS – all that time spent training was worth every second & every penny the night I found myself pulled into an alley by two young men. Because of the training, what could have been a very devastating incident ended up taking about 30-40 seconds of my time and I got away unhurt. Also, I was able to I.D. both of my “abductors” – is what the police charged them with b/c I escaped before much of an assault occurred – without any doubt. I’ll also add that my husband took years of crap from all of his friends about me being able to kick his ass – but tells me that my knowing how to handle myself makes him far more comfortable with me out running & working out at odd hours, and frequently alone. I advocate martial arts being taught in schools and I think every woman should know some more than basic self-defense. My 2-cents.

  3. The self-defense instruction would probably be best to do once every year…practice makes perfect and a “refresher” annually would be best, maximally every 3-yrs like CPR/1st Aid? Did they give any instruction on use of pepper spray? Along with the simple kicks, pokes, punches and throws, the pepper spray would also be a good tool to have resort to. Not sure if this instruction included improving “awareness” and planning escape routes.

    • Pepper spray – or any weapon – isn’t usually recommended as it can be used against you if you drop it or it is taken from you. Also, very few people can aim pepperspray effectively when they are in a panic/attack situation. More likely to get yourself with it too.

  4. I’ve been a martial arts instructor for over 30 years. Self defense skills are like any skill they need to be continually practiced to become second nature. Good on you for doing the class. I would suggest regular sessions for peace of mind and confidence in your abilities. – Simone

  5. Hello everyone in all honesty it is beneficial to work self-defense into your daily life. and im not saying this cause i run these classes im saying because defending ones self and or family is a way of life. its not something that you take a class once a year or twice a year its meant to be practiced often its meant to be automatic when needed not guessed upon. I have been trying for the last few years to get a steady group going to make it where it is second nature where you dont have to think you respond to deal with the situation. remember as i said being aware is your number one defense I Have been studying martial arts for almost 33 years i have been teaching for 20. I personally try to use concepts for these classes with common defense for multiply types of attacks for better retention and muscle memory. I hope to have more people come around for these classes there is never enough time in one class to go over everything and it is always an on going process. Thank you Again Amanda for adding this to your blog and having me do this event for you hope to see you and Aby at the next one
    Dennis L Wright Jr

  6. My mum has been teaching women and girls self-defense for nine years now, and she too finds that it’s the younger girls that aren’t afraid to go full force against the demonstrators (attackers).

    Even when it comes to teaching her favourite self defense move of grabbing, twisting and pulling on an attackers testicles as hard as possible for as long as possible until you crush them and/or the attacker drops to the ground in agony, they show no holding back, which I feel is brilliant.

    Both herself and many other instructors believe that it’s one of the most effective technique for any woman or girl to use against any man, especially when his testicles are fully exposed and extremely vulnerable as would be the case in a sex attack, and after a few initial giggles from some girls, her students are more than ready to “grab, twist, pull & pop!” to get away safely.

    • Hi Kathy, how does your mum teach the grab, twist, pull and pop technique? Curious as I too know that it is a great technique against a guy. Another thing is what is the minimum damage or injury potential if done correctly? By the way, what is the youngest girl your mum teaches this technique and do they know how to execute the technique correctly? Thanks for your time.

      • I attended a self defense class for women where the instructor taught the “grab twist pull.” She told us to wait for an opportunity to get your hand on the attackers testicles if he takes his pants off then seize them and literally try to crush them. She demonstrated on two plums she put in a long sock and squeezed underhanded until each “testicle” burst. We all had a laugh but she told us it was a legitimate technique and called it testiclular rupture. If you pull that off successfully he’ll never be able to rape anyone again. There were younger girls doing it too, but our instructor only had the 2 plums so we had to pantomime squeezing a scrotum.

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