Self Defense Class ……

After the last lady was attacked on our local trail, I personally asked a local martial arts guru (Dennis Wright Martial Arts) to set up a ladies self defense class.    Yesterday was the day and Aby & I, plus Michael, went out to the event at a local park.  I can’t say anyone besides Michael was excited to go.  Aby had a rough track & field schedule last week and I have been sick since last Tuesday (am still sick, getting an antibiotic today!!).  We were all tired but you can’t bail on an event when you ask someone to put it on for you!

I’m not sure what I expected.  I’m not sure what other events are like.  However, this was a very interactive event with instruction, demonstration and lots of drills.  We hit, we kicked, we kneed, we poked eyes, slapped ears and kicked the “poor” attackers (demonstrators) in the balls more times than they probably want to admit. Photos below from Women of Caliber (not our actual class) & Kravchicks.

image   image   image

We did two different types of choke hold rolls & learned how to get out of a hold if pinned to the ground by an attacker.  Lots of repetition.  Lots of pounding.  Lots of kicking, kneeing & twisting out of wrist holds.  I’m definitely bruised today on my knees, lower arm & wrists.

battered knees   image

What I learned:  1)  Don’t grab onto Aby cuz she can’t wait to kick you in the balls or pound her knuckles on you.  2)  Kids learn more quickly than adults and aren’t afraid of hurting the demonstrators.  Sorry demonstrators!    3)  These types of classes need to be repeated, multiple times.  There is no way to absorb everything all in one session.  4)  Good time & money investment to take a few classes.   YOU are worth it!!  5)  Always hope that you never have to use self defense but can actually defer a situation by yelling STOP and scaring the crap out of someone who didn’t expect you to be on top of the situation.  6)  Don’t fight, just do what you need to do to put enough distance between you and an attacker to get away. 

Have you taken a self defense class?  How many classes do you think it takes to actually “sink in”? 

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **