I normally don’t take the bait join challenges because well, I’m frequently at a different level than the target audience.  I’m not being pretentious, I just don’t need much motivation to get out the door because I enjoy getting out the door.  I enjoy moving.  I enjoy the time away from my screaming kids chaotic family.  I enjoy quality ME time. 

There are a few challenges to which I fall prey.   Not so long ago, my Ragnar Relay Chicago teammate Run with Jess put on a week long series of virtual races called the Jelly Bean Virtual Race.  She offered a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & a 21K bike.  I took that as a “challenge” and did all 4 events.  My theory has always been “Go Big or Go Home”. 


I know I’m not a snowboarder but the pic above is just too cool!  By the way, can somebody replace that snowboarder with a runner?  Love you people with mad skills in graphics & Photoshop!

So I haven’t really been “challenged” since the Jelly Bean but Jeni at Sparkalish Roar threw down a small informal challenge this week.  She suggested just focusing on one small goal for the week, like drink more water (which I do) or do 10 pushups every day for a week.  Well, the pushup thing is something with which I really struggle.  YES, I need this!  I’m in the challenge for 10 pushups (minimum) every day this week and hopefully everyday for the rest of my life!  So on Tuesday, I did 12 pushups.  Sounds pathetic, right?  Well, I struggle with upper body strength so this is good for me!  You have to remember  not  to compare yourself to others when setting a goal or accepting a challenge.  The purpose of a goal or challenge is to do something for YOU that will improve YOU.  So don’t go out and run 30 or 40 miles because TTF you know somebody who does that each week.  Focus on choosing a goal that is challenging for you personally.

I have been really focused on dropping the pudge for the Palos Half eating clean this week and drinking my water.  Then I added this little challenge to my schedule.  TUE – 12 pushups, WED – 15 pushups, THUR – 15 pushups & today I did 17!   Whoooooop!

I also upped the ante by eliminating Starbucks from my calorie count occasional routine until after the Palos Half.  Jeni upped the ante on her end by adding chin-ups/pull-ups to her routine.  Damn, that bitch she is tough!  So I went shopping.

pull up bar

In case you are confused, that’s a chin-up/pull-up bar that hubby so kindly put together and installed for me while I was sleeping last night.  

I can’t do any,  not even one pull-up.  How long will it take before I can do 5?  Aby sent me a text message that she did 2 pull-ups before school this morning.  Great, I love it when my 10 year old is stronger than me.    Michael did 4 assisted pull-ups before heading off to a tough day at daycare.  Even better when my 2 year old is stronger than me.  I WILL conquer this.

How about you?  Do anything stupid lately?  Have you accepted any interesting challenges?  Wanna do some pull-ups with me?  Wanna spot me?  Go get yourself  a pull-up bar at Wal-Mart and for $19 you can suffer accept the pull-up challenge too!  How long will it take YOU to be able to do 5 pull-ups?  Let’s race to OUR 5 pull-up goal!  🙂

Challenge yourself, no matter how BIG or small, just step outside of you comfort zone toward a better you!

Happy Friday!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

23 thoughts on “Challenges….

  1. Loved reading about your pull-ups challenge. Hilarious writing about your 2 year old being stronger than you : ) I haven’t done a pull-up since college when I was rowing. Good luck!!!

      • Right! Yeah… I whine my way through the assisted pull ups my trainer makes me do. I have no upper body strength. Maybe after this marathon is over I will venture into new territory!

  2. I went on a trail run on Wednesday and along the trail there is a chinup bar. I decided to try it and I could barely move myself up an inch. No way was I getting even one pull up in. My upper body definitely needs some work. Maybe I should do the push up challenge too:)

  3. I accept your push up challenge & if I can get the hubby to put in a chin up bar- I’m in!

    Thanks- you are continually pushing ne to be better & I appreciate that!

    • You totally rock, April. Thanks for being my sister in pain. 🙂 Sidenote: that pull up bar is removable. So it slides on top of the door frame for the task and then you can take it down. Hubby might be more willing with that info. $19 at Walmart.

  4. Good on your Hubby for putting the bar up!!! My #1rule with pullups/pullup bars…Never pass a bar without doing some (if its 0?…Give a good pull!!!). I do them each and every day…My bar is out in the garage 🙂
    Remember one good pullup is better than five bad ones!!! This is so cool, wish you the best!!!

  5. I can do pull ups…but probably should get one of those bars since I don’t have anything to do them on presently, and if I recall from my wrestling days, great exercise to do for arm and shoulder strength. Palms holding bar towards you for more bicep work, palms outward on pull-up work forearms and triceps more, and far more tougher.

    Now if you can’t do a single pull-up, then you got a real nice challenge. keep it up each day trying and one day you will discover strength to do one full rep. Then you will shout whoooop!

    My challenge is not running and need to get that x-train and rehab therapy going full time, but won’t happen until I get this amphibian survey done and probably not starting in earnest until May 7th.

    Keep up with the push-ups too! You only will get stronger than you are presently!

  6. Doing a pull up is one of my major goals! Although I haven’t been doing much lifting lately. However, I can do ONE pull up ONLY if my hands are towards me. but just one. So I’m working on being able to do a real pull up with my hands facing away. Those are way harder.

    • I have little bars/handles that force my hands in a fist like position, not forward or away facing but I can do them that way too on the bar, not the handles. At this point, its all bad so I’ll just keep working on them.

  7. You Rock! I havent posted, but I’ve been keeping up with my end of the bargain too! High five to Mick for hooking you up last night!

    • Ps. I’m not drinking so I just ate a burrito as big as my head. Good thing I’ll be behind Susan and Lori tomorrow. LOL!!

  8. I can do assisted pullups in my bootcamp. None without help!
    I will challenge myself to drink more water and get my training runs in every day. I don’t always have time for my runs and I need to make time for them. Felt it on today’s 10 miler. I need more water because I think it could be causing my migraines. Good luck with those pushups!

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