Southwest Half Marathon Race Report

I am pretty sure that almost everyone I know posted a new PR this weekend from the 5K, Half Marathon to Marathon distance.  I am so proud of all of you and wanted to say:

great job

I had a super busy weekend with setting up a Twitter account the kiddos,  mom in town, a few social events and the Southwest Half Marathon.  We had some serious fun!

In regards to the race, anyone who has ran a race by Mel at Running For Kicks knows that they are getting a lot with their race fee.  When I picked up my packet it was stuffed with great items that were both useful and exciting.  Thanks, Mel!

Palos Half__2012_goodies

We received a two pack of Saucony socks, a Southwest  Half Marathon 13.1 sticker (super cool!), a tube of Nathan Catalyst electrolyte drink tabs, GU Chomps, a mini Luna Bar that I ate before the photo was taken, an in-store $15 off shoe purchase coupon, an in-store coupon for those awesome Saucony socks, which I can’t find online, plus a gender specific shirt that fits and is cool!  I will actually wear this shirt!  As a bonus, since I signed up early, I received 2 shirts instead of one.  Of course, Aby laid claim to the other shirt as soon as we got home.  🙂

On race morning, everything was super organized and efficient.  The line to the port-o-potties was long but that is normal.  Gear check was excellent and they even had plastic bags to protect our gear since the grass was wet from the rain.  Nice touch!  Most of the F’N Runners met up for a quick photo.  From Left:  Kelly – Running Kellometers, Kevin, Susan M, Wayne, Lori, Aurelia, Brian, Me & Susan D.

Palos Half_FNRC

The race kicked off before most people probably even had their gps watch linked up as soon as the National Anthem concluded.  We were off and running and the race went perfectly.  The rain held off, it was starting to get warm but nothing too crazy, the route was easy to follow and with the out and back it was fun to see the fast runners come back for the finish, plus see friends along route.  There were lots of friendly volunteers, water/PowerAde every couple miles, potties throughout the course, a couple aid stations and lots of F’N support!

Maggie – MagMileRunner was at 104th Ave with signs, cheers and took a ton of photos!

Palos Half_Maggie

Diane, Julie, & Lisa were just past Maggie and screaming like crazy for us!

Palos Half_Cheering Squad

I also saw Amanda W & Dennis, plus met so many people on course who I have previously only known online.  Many thanks to all of you who took the time to say hello!  I’m so happy to have met so many new people during/after the race! 

This is a tough course for me, it always is but I’m not really sure why.  It’s an out and back and just seems to go on forever and ever and ever.    There are small rolling hills throughout even though everyone says it’s flat.  Not my best race, I struggled.  I was fueled & hydrated and it wasn’t too hot, I just didn’t run well.  I was very happy though that  1)  the new AdvoCare Rehydrate Energy Gel arrived on Saturday in time for the race  2) tasted good in a fresh lemon flavor, and  3) DID NOT upset my tummy.  New AdvoCare win for me!

AdvoCare Rehydrate Gel

I ran a 1:58 something which was WAY off my 1:50 goal.  Yes, I was disappointed.  The highlight of the race was definitely seeing the F’N Cheering Squad, seeing all the local familiar faces on course and meeting some new people along the way as well.  Great race, I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Give it a try!  It’s a great local race with lots of goodies for the $$, particularly if you sign up early.  Plus, our F’N Cheering Squad will probably be out there again next year and they definitely add major spice to the course. 

Here is a photo that Dennis took of me “pushing” to the finish with bricks in both of my shoes and one hanging from each butt cheek.  OUCH! 

Palos Half_2012

It’s now time for me to move on to Ragnar Chicago training.  I have lots of miles to cover and very little time.  I also need to seriously ramp up my bike miles to prep for the Ironman 70.3 Muncie.  Time is ticking!

Great job to all of you who ran, raced and particularly those of you who crushed some PRs this weekend.  Keep kicking butt!

Happy Running,                                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz

24 thoughts on “Southwest Half Marathon Race Report

  1. Oh man I am jealous of the goody bag! I remember the one from 2010 was also fantastic – gender sized shirt (one of the best fitting race shirts I’ve ever received), socks (although the ones in my husband’s bag were also my size, so I got two pairs but he got none … no biggie since he ended up not even doing the race), food samples, gift certificates. I am jealous of the sticker though! (I’m sure I could buy one at the store for less then $3 but will I?)

    It was a warm day out there yesterday. I ran solo on Saturday morning and it was HUMID and I was worried about everyone racing on Sunday. Even standing and spectating yesterday, I got a little warm. (Although I had a jacket on, but still, I was mostly standing still.) You were out there with a smile on your face, hopefully that meant you were still having fun, which is always important!!! (Or maybe faking it, whatever, that works too!)

  2. Good job TTF….ya get that 1:50 another time! Just be happy it was only a 1/2 and not a full marathon!

  3. Great race! It was so humid this weekend – you did really well! And it must have been so fun to know so many people cheering and to run in to so many bloggers!!!

  4. Congrats on another great race finish! That “hill” at mile 10 was a killer for me and totally got my confidence down. At least I know what to expect for next year! 🙂

  5. I love this race because it’s nearby and so well organized. Mel always makes everyone feel like he knows them personally. Plus what’s not to love about getting socks in the swag bag and TWO t-shirts for signing up early!? Having F’NRC come out to cheer was amazing and inspiring. Loved it that the F’NRC members did so well at this race, but want to give you huge kudos for helping us to train properly, for always looking out for teammates during training runs, and for even going back out to encourage runners during the actual half marathon.

      • You guys are awesome, thanks! And yes, Mel’s races are always the best. Plus it’s local. We need to support our local races so they multiply! I don’t like going downtown for everything.

    • I have lots of SkirtSports race belt skirts. I use them for my TRIs and just feel the best in them so tend to stick to those for races. My favorite one is the green tattoo print from a couple years back. I do like too. I buy their TRI skirts.

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