Fritz Clan……

We did a whirlwind Thanksgiving with the Fritz Clan on Saturday.  Drove there and back (6+ hours) without even screaming at each other in the same day.  Since mom did the cooking, I was able to coerce encourage a very few photos out of the bunch in between trying to keep Mr. Michael alive & randomly offering my assistance.   Sara, Mom & Me: 

Everyone thinks Sara & I are twins.  We, of course, don’t see it.  She is 2.5 years my junior, is obviously much shorter and better proportioned, plus she has straight hair you might have been able to see that yourself if she had washed it but alas arrived with 2 hours of sleep coming off a FL vacay/birthday/anniversary trip verses my curly hair.  But we both got the Fritz huge, crazy, crooked nose! 

Here is a “stock” photo of us when we were all looking our best at Sara & David’s 2008 wedding celebration – Mom, Sara & Me: 

This is Papa, PawPaw, Grampy Fritz……has a million better non-grandchildren friendly nick names too but let’s leave it at that.  Michael & Dad: 

Michael is obsessed with Grampy, follows him around constantly, sits on his lap watching boring fishing/hunting shows, wants to ride with him in his little fishing boat, wants to rake leaves with him, swim with him, clean fish with him…… everything except what Grandpa really wants, which is to take a nap.  Grandpa works 3rd shift so we really turn his world upside down when we are visiting.  But he doesn’t mind. 

Another stock family photo from Sara’s Wedding (I’m the one on the far left in case you still think Sara & I look like twins I know it would have helped if she had stayed in her wedding dress all night

And the Fritz Clan wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t attempt to rope in the kiddos and Uncle Jim (Dad’s brother).  Of course, I couldn’t manage to pull off a photo of these elusives at Thanksgiving but I’ll dust off another stock photo from Halloween 2011:  “Angelic” Alexis (Sara & David’s daughter), Aby, Sara (wrestling Michael into the photo) & Uncle Jim (Dad’s brother).I am going to make it a mission at Christmas to get both a Carey and Fritz family photo…..with everyone looking at the camera at the same time, in the same room, possibly even by the Christmas Tree!   Wish me luck!

Do you ever manage to get your entire family in one photo?  Do you find yourself running around crazy during the holiday prep to only realize after everyone has left that you didn’t take one photo the entire day?  See Misfit Thanksgiving here for the Carey family/friend photos or lack thereof.

Cheers,                                                                                                                         Amanda – TooTallFritz

1 thought on “Fritz Clan……

  1. Wow…good luck getting a pic with Michael actually looking at the camera. By the time we get him to hold still for one sec to snap a pic, the girls are pissed off, bored and scowling at the camera. Big sigh… Mayb we can slip the 3 of them some Benedryl about 30 minutes prior to Christmas pics????? Just sayin….

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