Misfit Thanksgiving 2011

It has become an annual tradition to host Thanksgiving for my little family, my in-laws and a few friends.  I secretly call us The Misfits consider us to be a diverse group, we all are part of larger families but it seems that due to distance, the addition of spouses/children, and jackass family members busy schedules we all seem to be solo on some major holidays.  I have always dreamed of this HUGE family with lots of people, screaming kids and absolute chaos but it never seems to work out for everyone to get together at one time, on one day, in one place…….enter my Misfits. 

Websters may define family as: 1)  a group of individuals living under one roof; and 2)  a group of persons of common ancestry.  However, Ms. TooTall knows that family is what you make it, should be about the people you love and those who are there for you thru thick-n-thin.  And I am very happy for my family of Misfits!

If you happen to also be homeless for the holidays, feel free to come on over.  I guarantee the stuffing will be cold, the floors will be dirty and there WILL BE screaming children and stinky barking dogs…..but you’re welcome to join us for the festivities!   Wasn’t lying about the nasty dirty floors…..this kid had a bath this morning!  I really should be embarrassed but I’m NOT busy living life rather than cleaning my house. 

My thing about Holidays and Family is tradition.  Although, I am somewhat non-traditional when it comes to many things, there are also other things which I am crazy psycho paticular about and like to do every year.  For many years now, I have been participating in the Running For Kicks 4 mile Turkey Trot in Palos humongous Hills on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s certainly not an easy race and I clawed my way up several hills  was far from my best today but was still happy to be out there doing what I love with so many people I love!  Kristina H., Nicki T. & myself fresh off a kill with red eyes. 
Nicki says she now needs to re-evaluate our friendship since I pressured convinced her to run this crazy, hilly race.  HeHeHeHeHe……she’ll be back next year!
A couple of folks from the Frankfort Running Club:  Julie B., Little Joe B. and Brian P.      
Note to self……start races far behind Brian P. and Little Joe cuz they kick ass float uphill and make Ms. TooTall look like she is standing still run really fast.  Once results posted I stalked looked up their times….Brian – 30:10, Joe – 31:34, Me – 31:55….Julie held back with me to push me up the hills make me feel better.
Overall it was an awesome day running, cooking, and I really enjoyed hanging out with my Misfits.  I hope all of you had a blessed and joyous day regardless of how you spent it.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 
How did you spend Thanksgiving Day 2011?  Did you workout, run a Turkey Trot or just chill with the family?
Happy Thanksgiving,                                                                                                     Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Misfit Thanksgiving 2011

  1. WTF…TTF ya be there at Palos Turkey Trot? How did I not see ya or get to at least say hi and hug? And ya…you just behind me somewhere since I run only 30-min and some change….WTF! I always look forward to a TTF making her presence known and saying hi to the Frog (hugs even better). How could I miss ya….where were ya?

    Love the pics or Illustrations bout mis-fits…reminds me of Three-Floyds artwork….and gotta take notice of the one illustration someone giving the peace sign….ya….ya…ya!

    Not sure, but from Frog’s perspective….pic of bottom of foot looks pretty clean to me….hmmm. may have to reassess my standards of cleanliness?

    Ya gotta it sister…love these posts…slice of life…just posted to Kristin…but next on my agenda…gonna suggest she check ya out…ya two sisters got a perspective on life one has to admire….got faith she will adore ya….Woo-Hoo!

    OK…ran Palos Turkey Trot…on the comeback from 4-week lay-off from running cause of injuries that kicked me butt at Chicago…..But, I ran Palos…ran it as tempo…said keep it controlled…finally got there after 2nd mile….running pretty good 2nd half….ran last 1/4 mile so hard and fast….soon as stopped crossing the line….urge and did puke…but nuthin’ came out , other than saliva and spit, cause nuthin’ in the tummy….Woo-Hoo….Frog ran til he puked….Woo-Hoo….good sign if I can do that….ain’t it? LOL!

    OK…gotta go rock-n-roll…cause Bad Company calling….”Down-Down-Down” (Company of Strangers, 1995)….oh-so great song…..ya can run really nice to its tempo…..which was on my playlist for Turkey Trot this morning.

    So, how do are 2 paths not cross at this race? Sad bout that….but glad you and others had good time!

    Hey people…..ya…ya…ya…alright…alright…alright….Lady Fritz got the style…got the knack…got the flare….can write….got perspective on live….gotta love it…..just as good fix to one’s soul….maybe even better….than Bad Company….and that puts Too-Tall-Fritz in some rather Good Company….in this Frog’s opinion.


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