Black Friday Waterfall Glen Run {2011}

Today was as close to perfect as I could have gotten without sitting on a beach, under an umbrella, in the tropics sipping on poison.   Somehow a run with one partner turned into a run of nine AWESOME women who spent hard-earned calories running rather than $$ shopping in the Black Friday madness.   Meet our Waterfall Glen Black Friday Crew from Top Left:  Me, Jen, Judy, Susan, Maggie;  Bottom Left:  Laura, Angela, Kelly & Suzanne. 

These women hauled their asses out of bed came this morning to run in the name of health, wellness, fitness and friendship.  A 9.5 mile run thru the rolling hills of Waterfall Glen’s Forest Preserve isn’t exactly how many women would like to spend the largest shopping day of the year but that is what runners do, we run.  We run on our birthdays, on holidays, on breaks at work, and in the snow, sleet and rain……WE RUN. 

If I had to hazard a guess, there are probably a few ladies Susan & Jen who came today who don’t consider themselves runners.  Let me break it to you gently Susan & Jen, if you showed up today for a 9.5 mile run in the woods on Black Friday…..YOU. ARE. A. RUNNER.  

A pictorial account of what we saw while running on this glorious day!

I promised I wouldn’t take any photos of anyone’s ass but I lied that was hard since I was bringing up the rear.   The guarantee today was that NOBODY would get left behind and I welcomed the opportunity to run the back since I am exhausted and love to take lots of pics I needed a break but still wanted to be part of the fun.

 Hey Jen, can you stop running and sit on this bench for a photo?

Hey Jen, can you stop running AGAIN to take a photo of me?

Almost done, we WILL make it…….And where the HELL was Big Bertha?  I think we totally missed it while talking, stopping for a billion photos and just enjoying the view and being out in the beautiful weather!

Thanks to these fast dudes who I believe lapped us a couple of times were kind enough to take a few photos of our entire group once we all made it back.  Thanks, Brian & Rick!

All in all a wonderful run.  I hope “the crew” members had a recovery drink in their car!  I use the AdvoCare Post Workout Recovery drink so that I can go back out tomorrow or hopefully Sunday with the FRC if hubby doesn’t kill me for another morning run during our mini vacay and do it all again, and so that I can get up and down the stairs, and so that I can pig out on Thanksgiving leftovers when I get home since I already had the necessary recovery nutrients. I need the ease and convenience of a recovery drink because it requires less thinking and counting my nutrients…..sometimes my brain doesn’t want to work too well after a good run.

Perfect day:  Morning Run in PERFECT WEATHER (40 degrees + sun) with friends, Thanksgiving Leftovers, 3 hour nap with the kiddos, then chores and cuddling with my little man.  Some days, life is better than others.  Thanks again to the Waterfall Glen Black Friday Crew and my wonderful hubby who didn’t even bitch watched the lil ones this morning for me.

How did Black Friday work out for you?  What is your perfect day?

We head out to Indiana tomorrow for Thanksgiving #2 with the Fritz Clan, so enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch up with all of you later cuz I’ll be eating more awesome food and hanging out with my loved ones! 

Many Blessings,                                                                                                                       Amanda – TooTallFritz

9 thoughts on “Black Friday Waterfall Glen Run {2011}

  1. It was a great run! Thanks for putting it together! After I got home, i sat in the bath with waist-deep water as cold as my faucet goes for about 15 minutes. Then I wore my compression sleeves for the rest of the day. Seems to be working. I even went to a 1.5 hour Tribal Belly Dance workshop tonight at my sis-in-law’s studio. PS hope you don’t mind if I borrow the group pic … I’ll make sure to link to you as the photo source.

  2. So jealous of your group runs. I thought I had a couple of ladies for my Saturday morning run. I guess the “soaking rain” we are getting this morning coupled with the dark and dreary kept them both in bed! Cheers to thinking of you all while I was running alone, but motivated by many :o)

  3. TTF sounds like an awesome time with lady-runner-friends (LRF’s)…Must confess…I did some shopping on Black Friday….but, nuthin’ but run apparel at pretty good discount at Sports Authority and Running For Kicks (30% of at RFK!). I am loyal to RFK and I was asked why I bought stuff from SA…Response was RFK doesn’t carry Under Armour compression or the Nike Pro Combat wear that I like as base-layer for winter running (and wear it all the time non-running)…..RFK has good line of Mizuno wear so got another one of those breathe-thermal longsleeves and picked up a pair of Saucony Viz-Pro tights to go with the jacket I have.

    Then it was off to Rock Bottom for some good eats and a few fine ales before calling it a day and get ready for my cut-back LR on Sat morn in Palos. Well..these people kept sitting next to me at the bar…talking…buying me brews….and time passed quickly….got home late….woke up to late….so had to pay-the-price and go long-run solo….everyone else done….Well, maybe not everyone and saw a some other runners….just not sure if they were Yankee Runners, but they were all ladies (women in their run gear from a distance all look vaguely similar, unless they got their hair exposed or ponytails that I can peg some distinction)…But everyone of them smiled at me when they passed by….well, that makes for a perfect moment…if not day!

    What really makes a perfect day is when I get done running and the L-heel and the L-hip and hammy aren’t throbbing….something that ain’t been experiencing much lately. Gotta keep at until I find that perfect day….yah….yah….yah….perfect B what you want it to B! Woo-Hoo!

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