Drizzly Sunday Run

I managed to sneak out of the house this morning although nobody was really happy about it to meet up with the Frankfort Running Club.  I knew that I wanted to run at least 8 and it had been pouring rain + high winds during the night; however, we experienced a bit of a break this morning.  For me, it’s just best to get a run out of the way before the excuses start to accumulate early.   

I was very pleased to pull in and see lots of warm bodies people to keep me company.  Meet the Frankfort Running Club – Sunday Crew.   From left to right:  Susan, Dave, Diane, Angela, Don, Brian, Kate, Suzanne, Kelly, & Nicole.

We got lucky again with the weather, another 40 degree day.  We had a little drizzle too but certainly nothing like I would normally expect for November, just enough to screw up blur the photos.

We ran Old Plank Trail heading west.

The group members for today averaged between 6 and 8 miles at varying paces.  A very reasonable group for all types of runners.  I would strongly encourage even newer runners to have the guts give it a shot with this group because they are very diverse, not too INTENSE low key and really friendly.   Susan & Don here as they bailed called it at the six mile mark:

The seven mile group coming back at me with a quick bluring pace, plus the drizzle was starting to get serious at this point, run fast and get back to your cars!After this group passed me, I took a few more photos finished up.  I ran 8.06 miles in 1:19.18 with loads of stops for photos, road crossings and time to chat with those at the front and the back.  I never stop my watch while we are out there because I am too blonde would forget to restart it.  So  once we leave the initial parking lot, I just let it roll, the time isn’t too important to me anyhow.  I’m mostly out there for the experience. 

Great day.  Great run. 

“Run”way Fashion:  It was all about Athleta today unless we count my Hot Chocolate windbreaker.  Ironically, Athleta is also having a sale.  If you log onto their website and shop, use the HUGECYBER coupon code for 30% off thru Cyber Monday.  Today I was wearing the Hopkinton Top & the Reflective Workout Tight.


Happy Running,                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz

10 thoughts on “Drizzly Sunday Run

  1. What an awesome group! Hopefully … someday … I’ll be able to keep up with you guys. Both speed and distance-wise. But at my current 11 min. pace and 4 mile max … it doesn’t look too promising. Great job out there gang!

  2. Way 2 go Too-Tall….light rain…cool temps but ya all got ‘er done and had great time to boot! Now that’s the way it’s supposed to be…good-n-great. I was a woos (smart?) and just stayed in bed when the clock reached 5 am on my intended plan to go to Waterfall Glen and run with Run To Eat Club. Seriously though my reason (excuse) was lingering muscle soreness in calves, shins, and some in quads and hammies from Sats 10-miler in Palos Newton Hills….So, it was a 3-miles at Recovery Pace on the treadmill. Wearing CW-x tights now even after the run to help get me legs back to norm for this upcoming week’s training.

    Hope that young, pretty little lady I met (she had a significant other with) finds you and your group. She’s only run as far as 5k and she seemed eager-beaver to start running and maybe build into long-distance runner. She needs group…good people to run with…to help her…support her….I know…I have Coaching background…..listen closing to what runners or intended runners are seeking to do. You were one to the top sources I mentioned…both your blog site and your running group in Frankfort…..Just not sure if she will remember me telling her your website address (which isn’t very difficult to remember)…nor do I know that she might have messed up with whatever she wrote down for my email address cause I didn’t write it and just told it to her (but not that hard right…Frogger ryhmes with mauger and add att and a .net and one is in business)…..But, could simply be too much alcohol (looked like she and bo were having a good time) and they forget bout it all said night B4. I just hope she (Lisa?) finds ya cause I know she would find a home and B in great company and good hands to get her and keep her going on the road to being a runner.

    Someday this Frog has got to run with all ya lovely ladies and with whomever the guys B cause it is obvious ya all having a great time out there….and ain’t that part of the training also?

    peace-n-love to all, Frogger

    • If Lisa comes by way of TTF or the Frankfort Running Club, any of us would love to help her. FRC does lots of runs at varying times during the week. They are good about posting who is running where and when so to pull in some extra people. If she finds them, that would really be a great resource for her and of course, I am always happy to help newbies or any runners in general.

  3. Sounds like you all had a great run! I think my New Years resolution (which I’ll try to start now) will be to get up early on the weekends for group runs. Running is just so much better with a group, plus it pushes me to go faster.

  4. Wow, looks like you had a nice turnout!! I ran 8 miles at Swallow cliff this morning; by myself. But it was a great run anyway, with the hills and the trees, no wind and very little rain. Your group can join us (me) anytime!! Had a great time running with you on Friday!!

    • I definitely want to make it out to Swallow Cliff some Sunday. Would love to join you and meet that group! Hubby doesn’t get a lot of time off so sneaking out of the house on a Sunday is very sporadic.

    • Well, crap! Sorry about mixing you two up! I thought I finally had it straight. Ugh, I’m horrible. Maybe if you both weren’t so tiny & cute, it would have been easier to keep you seperated in my head? I fixed it now, please forgive me, and please also post the link to your blog! Thanks!

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