Favorite Things….

As all of us are reflecting on our blessings and how thankful we are for our family and friends, it got me thinking about some of the “little” things in my life for which I am thankful. 

 Introducing a few of My Favorite Things

OPI Nail Polish – A girl wants to look good and we can’t afford don’t have time to be dashing over to the nail salon all the time.  Serena Williams Grand Slam+ Red Shatter + Clear Top Coat

Adele – 21 Album – I have been obsessed loving Adele since summer.  It took me a little longer to jump on the train but I am on and currently sitting down for the ride.  LOVE!   Please get me the 19 cd for Christmas, Mick! 

Eve – “My” In Car GPS/Computer – She takes me everywhere, even where I don’t want to go, and more importantly she brings me home.  She also downloads my favorite cds so that I don’t have to carry all of Alan Jackson‘s cds in my car and she makes helps me answer my phone even when I don’t know where it is or can’t reach it.

Stella &  Dot – Snake Orb Pendant Necklace – Quite possibly the only “fashionable” thing that I currently own.  It has been featured in several magazines and my friend Elizabeth B. just became one of the Stella & Dot stylists.  CLICK ON THE LINK and  BUY ONE FROM HER NOW!  As a side note, Michael LOVES this necklace and is constantly grabbing it to kiss the snake and then just keeps hissing at me and the snake.  Absolutely precious but I’m sure my necklace will hit Mick’s Costume Jewelry Repair Shop before the weekend.

The Stella & Dot Renegade Necklace is on my wish list & the current feature in Lucky Magazine:   


Fresh somewhat Healthy Foods that are portable and easy to throw in a bag for travel & work cuz I REALLY like to eat!  I prefer greek yogurt, for the added protein benefits; however, it is currently “out of stock” in the TooTall fridge.  The Dannon Oikos Honey is my absolute favorite cuz it tastes like dessert .

Today’s emergency foods:

Carmel Cremes – cuz a girl can only eat so many apples, bananas and yogurt.

These are obviously all non-Running related items.  I talk about the running things that I obsess over love all the time so I feel it would be redundant to add those things back in here when you already know that I love my Nike+ GPS, the CW-X compression tights, the CEP compression calf sleeves, Athleta, Knuckelights & RunningSkirts

What are a few of your favorite things?  Tell us!!

Be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life.  All is just as God planned……the good, the bad, and even the really ugly. 

Amanda – TooTallFritz


1 thought on “Favorite Things….

  1. Ya..ya…ya TTF…what a divine post…lovin-it all the way…things…things ya love! Love necklaces and did check out that S&D link you included. Great story bout Mick hissing at the necklace and sounds like a great relationship ya got going…ya…ya…ya…keep the fire stoked…go Mick go…gotta keep the lady happy…give the lady what she wants my friend Mooseman always says. He been married long time ta same woman…attorney….feminist…to boot…so he must know something. Go Mick….I’m a music fan and don’t know much bout artist Adele, but go get yar lady every damn CD she’s put out….and that Renegade Necklace….keep that fire burning steady!

    I could go on endlessly bout things I like…tatoos…Woo-Hoo….earrings…necklaces….music ad-naseum…spend so much money on CDs…tattoos too…its ridiculous. But, figure ya only get one chance in this game called life (if it B a game), so gotta make best of it…enjoy it…B ya self….love ya self…love ya friends, neighbors, family…significant others….ya….ya…ya!

    Gosh…TTF….ya should B gettin’ some Kash in the bag cause ya blogs are advertisements for products, either intended or not…get some Kash for it….might help ya afford more things…or buy that Mick something he likes…or those cool-cat kids and fur of yars! Go 4 it baby…go 4 it!

    Ya on to something here sister…with this blog site…with this Too-Tall-Fritz thing…Frog thinking next we gotta get ya to write a book…like Kristin Armstrong…she’s a cool lady….just like ya. Think I am gonna go to Kristin’s blog site and suggest she check ya out….Woo-Hoo…connections….such a small world….Woo-Hoo…things people like…gotta love it.

    Speaking of things I like….well….I like Peace….Love….then Dream and Believe. That’s really all I need to have….live 4 words….peace, love, dream and believe. Woo-Hoo…took me my whole life to get there…but all that matters is that ya get there…where ya going…where ya need to B. Everyone has that place…just gotta find what yours is….not easy. As waitress says in Chicago Heights Pepe’s, “Whatever floats your boat, baby.” I love that quote and wish I thought of it first….ya…whatever float’s your boat….what’s the alternative…sink and drown?

    Ya Mick…give the lady what she wants… like that Mick…love those pics ya sometimes put up there of him…cause he looks so happy…and for some reason…start thinkin’ bout Mick Jagger….Woo-Hoo…love it….just love it. Keep it up TTF!

    peace-n-love all

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