Starving Artists…..

I currently know a few people who have been blessed with various artistic talents which I would like to showcase.  This post is dedicated to those artists who have websites and “wares” for sale plus small/local/home based businesses.  I hope that you see something you like on one of their websites and possibly give one of these special and unique gifts to a loved one for Christmas!

Sasha at Metamorphisis Creations has an etsy  store, where she posts some of her overflow work but her specialty certainly is custom work and she has a lot of product that isn’t listed.  Here are a few pieces which I have purchased from her over the last year. 

Click HERE for Sasha’s Etsy Store or email her at to have her make something custom for you!

Another very talented artist is Devonee at Designs by Devonee.  It would be hard to pin down a specialty for Devonee.  She paints which is hard of me to comprehend since I can’t draw a stick figure, and sews, and is just ultimately very creative and talented.  Here are a few of my favorite things from her.  A sock elephant:

But there are many more sock animal creations too……lots of monkeys!!   

Here is a painted wine bottle. 

Devonee also paints wine glasses, ornaments, fences, key cabinets, record art, etc.  You name it, she can paint it.  Please click HERE to check out her etsy store or email her at for some custom work of your own!  Need a mural for a bedroom wall?  Call Devonee!

Karen at KLB Photography is another amazing artist who uses various cameras for her creative works.  She takes amazing photos that look vibrant and beautiful.  I hope to eventually have some of her art on my walls.  A couple of my favorites:

Please check out Karen’s website HEREor email her at

Heather is a Good Buy Diva and has a facebook page where you can purchase insanely good deals on designer brand items. She was smart creative enough to realize that all of us don’t have the time or energy to shop for bargains although we still want to look hot good for a low price.  So go check out Good Buy Diva and save some $$ on cool stuff OR talk to Heather at and she can find a good deal on what YOU want!  I like these!


Elizabeth is a stylist for a very hot product right now…..Stella & Dot.  This is a somewhat new and hot fashion jewelry company.  She has a “real” job and does this on the side so call or email her at to set up a Trunk Show or please feel free to click HERE to do some shopping on her website.  I think you already know that one of my favorite things is currently the Stella & Dot Snake Orb necklace:

 And the item on my “wish list” is the Renegade Necklace:


Katia is a Willow House consultant and has lots of great products for your home as well as a new jewelry line!  Katia’s favorite product is the Hyacinth Mixing Bowls which are very versatile and stylish: 

I personally like to cook and cook BIG cuz I am a pig love to eat.  So one of my favorite item is the large Southern Sipper Serving Bowl which is see thru so my beautiful creations can be visually appreciated: 

Click HERE to shop Katia’s Willow House store or email her at to set up your own home show or talk to her about the products/business opportunity! 

My friend Nicki is a Shaklee consultant and although that conflicts with my AdvoCare roots there are some great products which I love from Shaklee.  My favorite products are the Get Clean Germ Off Wipes and the Get Clean Basic H(2)R Organic Cleaning Concentrate:

Click HERE to go shopping with Nicki!  Or email her at for some personal assistance with products or how to make some extra cash as a Shaklee rep!

And last but not least, I can’t spotlight home businesses without including AdvoCare.  As many of you know, I have been an AdvoCare distributor for years and I really love the products.  They work for me and I love that there is a great amount of R&D that goes into each and every product so that they are the best by the time they reach consumers.  I have already listed my favorite products under the AdvoCare page on the TooTall blog but a new product that I love is the AdvoCare Oasis.   This product helps to combat stress and I might have a “little” of that.  The product tastes good and comes in small packets that you can throw in your bag or purse…..control stress while traveling.  I also always start the new year with an Herbal Cleanse to refresh my body and start everything anew.  I use the Herbal  Cleanse minimum of 2x a year, usually January & July. 

So if you are interested in health & wellness products, energy, weight loss, sports performance or skin care, please visit my microsite HERE or feel free to contact me at .  If you don’t want to talk to me, then feel free to call on my friend Lisa HERE.

I hope this gives you some new and fresh ideas for Christmas!  I know how hard it is to shop for the loved ones so hopefully one of my friends can help find something to suit your needs!

Amanda – TooTallFritz

Favorite Things….

As all of us are reflecting on our blessings and how thankful we are for our family and friends, it got me thinking about some of the “little” things in my life for which I am thankful. 

 Introducing a few of My Favorite Things

OPI Nail Polish – A girl wants to look good and we can’t afford don’t have time to be dashing over to the nail salon all the time.  Serena Williams Grand Slam+ Red Shatter + Clear Top Coat

Adele – 21 Album – I have been obsessed loving Adele since summer.  It took me a little longer to jump on the train but I am on and currently sitting down for the ride.  LOVE!   Please get me the 19 cd for Christmas, Mick! 

Eve – “My” In Car GPS/Computer – She takes me everywhere, even where I don’t want to go, and more importantly she brings me home.  She also downloads my favorite cds so that I don’t have to carry all of Alan Jackson‘s cds in my car and she makes helps me answer my phone even when I don’t know where it is or can’t reach it.

Stella &  Dot – Snake Orb Pendant Necklace – Quite possibly the only “fashionable” thing that I currently own.  It has been featured in several magazines and my friend Elizabeth B. just became one of the Stella & Dot stylists.  CLICK ON THE LINK and  BUY ONE FROM HER NOW!  As a side note, Michael LOVES this necklace and is constantly grabbing it to kiss the snake and then just keeps hissing at me and the snake.  Absolutely precious but I’m sure my necklace will hit Mick’s Costume Jewelry Repair Shop before the weekend.

The Stella & Dot Renegade Necklace is on my wish list & the current feature in Lucky Magazine:   


Fresh somewhat Healthy Foods that are portable and easy to throw in a bag for travel & work cuz I REALLY like to eat!  I prefer greek yogurt, for the added protein benefits; however, it is currently “out of stock” in the TooTall fridge.  The Dannon Oikos Honey is my absolute favorite cuz it tastes like dessert .

Today’s emergency foods:

Carmel Cremes – cuz a girl can only eat so many apples, bananas and yogurt.

These are obviously all non-Running related items.  I talk about the running things that I obsess over love all the time so I feel it would be redundant to add those things back in here when you already know that I love my Nike+ GPS, the CW-X compression tights, the CEP compression calf sleeves, Athleta, Knuckelights & RunningSkirts

What are a few of your favorite things?  Tell us!!

Be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life.  All is just as God planned……the good, the bad, and even the really ugly. 

Amanda – TooTallFritz