10 mile Wednesday…..

I have been really struggling getting miles in since my little man is attached to my hip really loves his momma.  So as of late, Wednesday night has become “Run Night” with Susan D. and whoever else is willing to brave the elements and/or can get out of work at a decent time.  This week, I not only managed to get out of work on time but a few minutes early and was able to grab a few miles in the fading daylight before the girls arrived.

I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to get in a leisurely 4 miles, plus photos, so I pushed a little harder than I would have liked in order to get back by 5pm.  Here are a few photos that I managed to grab in the fading daylight. 

I know everyone likes a nice sunset complete with power lines.

This is why a run…..quiet, peaceful and revitalizing.  The beauty around me when I am able to get to the trail is sometimes overwhelming.

The sunset was almost complete and the light was so low, it was difficult to get this last shot but after a couple tries I got lucky.  Now time to book it back to Frankfort to meet the ladies! 

Susan D. was waiting when I returned at 4:59 and it was pitch black.

We grabbed our knuckle lights/arm bands and awaited the arrival of Suzanne then literally dashed off into the darkness for the fastest nighttime run in which I have ever participated.  The ladies dragged me pushed my limits today between the darkness, the previous 4 miles ran and my overall state of health.  By the time we finished, I wanted to give my running shoes to the nearest homeless person take a long hot bath and curl up with my Weimaraner but alas I had to re-enter mommy-land reality.

Reality hit hard too as soon as I walked thru the door.  Michael screamed with delight and the screaming didn’t stop until well after when bedtime “should” have occurred.  Here is a quick glance into my reality…..no time for changing clothes or showering, which is why women’s running clothes are now somewhat fashionable cuz we LIVE in them.

That’s Michael, yes he is screaming, yes he is a blur……he doesn’t stop moving, not even when he sleeps.  Don’t turn your back, he will climb onto the counter and go straight for the knife rack.  Don’t use the oven because he will open it when you turn around to grab a plate.  Don’t go to the bathroom cuz he will pull a chair over to the sink and start spraying down the walls, kitchen, hall, and living room.  Don’t…..just DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF HIM for a second or be prepared for the consequences.

The numbers:   4.03 miles in 37:15 minutes (9:13 pace) solo, multiple photo stops but pretty much kept moving because I didn’t have a lot of time.  6.13 miles with Suzanne & Susan, 57:28 minutes (9:21) pace, one decent stop at the turnaround to shed jackets, etc.    A total for me of 10.16 miles/1:34.43 and an average pace of 9:19.   I like to run 10 miles right at 1:30 so I know I’m not myself cuz this pace kicked my ass was a killer…..like I’m still wearing my compression calf sleeves today!  However, I really can’t complain for a Wednesday night.  Thanks, ladies! 

We did stop for one photo of Suzanne and I in the dark after the run.  The bathrooms were locked so we didn’t get any disgusting bathroom shots in good lightening….Yes, I look like a giant standing next to Suzanne!

It was about 40 degrees when I started running at 4:22pm, and it was 33 when I got back into my car at 6:15pm.  Not a huge drop but I could certainly tell the difference.  Gloves were a necessity last night.  The difference between 30 and 40 makes a big difference to your hands. 

How do you squeeze in weekly mileage?  Do you hit the gym, brave the elements or save the running for the weekends?

Happy Running,                                                                                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                            amanda@tootallfritz.com

5 thoughts on “10 mile Wednesday…..

  1. Bummer I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you guys. I teach CCD on Wednesday nights and do my runs when I get home. Wednesdays I like to do a mid-distance of about 4-6 miles. Last night I did 5 miles with all my reflective gear and pepper spray around 8:30-9:00pm. Took a few pics of the Christmas lights along the way! Love this time of year!

  2. Yes Yes & Yes!!! You have to do what you have to do to get the miles in the books. I think it is even more important for people training for a spring distance event to make sure they log the miles so they are properly trained for the distance.

    • No spring distance for me beyond a half marathon! I like to keep my toenails for as much of the summer as possible. :o) And the spring TRI that I picked at Pokegon State Park looks like it’s going to conflict with a fundraiser 5K for Aby’s school district. How big of an a-hole would I look like if I chose the TRI over the fundraiser 5K? Not happy…..hoping something changes cuz I’m leaning toward looking like an a-hole.

  3. Ah…that explains why women have so many great choices in running apparel – ya live in them! So, that’s why the men have so few options in apparel and rarely any color or piz-zaz designery…cause we don’t live in them….haa!….Learn something every day.

    Nice expose on finding the beauty in the run…sunsets always enchanting. Don’t run much at that time period or at night…don’t like running in the dark…unless it warm out….like in summer.

    Don’t really have to “squeeze-in” mileage during the week….I B retired….so just pick my times when I want 2 run….sweet….but downside is….I’m old. Even though on the cold side…defiinitely take advantage of weather like yesterday and today with the sun out and light to little wind and run outside in the late afternoon when it is warmest. When really nasty out raining and windy and such…may opt to run on treadmill in basement…Then, I can even run later in evening after dark. TM works pretty well for runs of 3-6 miles….Going longer on it requires a bit more mental conditioning. Long runs on weekends always in the conditions that occur…no woosy excuses…just bite-the-bullet and get er done.

  4. I ended up not running at all last night and I was kind of bummed I couldn’t meet up with you gals. By the time I got home, we had to dash off to my brother’s to babysit my niece … I can’t say no to one-on-one time with her (no Grandma & Grandpa competing for her attention)! Then by the time we got home it was after 10. I should be able to get in a run today. I need it!!

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