How Far Would You Go To Make It Happen?

I always give props to EVERYONE who makes it a priority to come out and run with the F’N Running Club on a Wednesday night.  I mean, it’s a “school” night, it’s not easy.  I know that it doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule and am just pleased that people show up.  However, I really have to give it to my friend Kristina who drove all the way from St. John, IN to Frankfort (45 minutes in good traffic) to run with us F’N Runners tonight .  I would like to give Kristina the non-existent “Traveler” award for traveling the farthest, so far, to come run with us.  Thank you, Kristina!  Are you planning to take Kristina’s award from her?  We meet on WEDs at 5pm and usually early SAT and/or SUN morn!  Join us!

We had a great group tonight.  Some of our main players are injured or out-of-town but we had some new faces to replace them for today.  Dark Photo alert….sorry!    Top:  Maggie, Kristina, Michelle, Susan, Kathy, Jeni, Laura.  Bottom:  Kate & Diane

Before these lovely ladies arrived, I was able to squeak in a few miles in the DAYLIGHT.  That’s right, the Winter Solstice passed and Mother Nature is taking us back to Spring, one day at a time! 

Many of us like Old Plank Trail because it is close to home pretty flat.  Here is our only hill, which is an overpass for Rt 45.  It may not be much but still seems daunting when the legs are tired.

I know everything is dead and boring right now but it still looks beautiful to me!  Didn’t make it far before the sun was setting and I had to head back to meet up with those F’N Runners!

The goal for me tonight was to put in some easy, slow miles.  I have had a rough summer/fall and start to winter.  Some fitness has been lost but I am actually pain-free.  I am sore this week, which is unusual but good, right?  I have been busy this week focusing on both running and cross training.  Tomorrow is going to be a rest day cuz my legs feel like bricks, then FRI cross training/weights.  I know I will get stronger and really want to focus on that.  I am so tentatively happy to not be hurting that I’m just really scared the pain will return if I am not careful enjoying being out and on the run again.  So one day at a time, if the pain returns then I will have to pull back again.  I am just enjoying the soreness now and hoping it’s a sign of strength to come!

3 miles taking pics solo, 4 miles with the club & Kristina, 1 extra mile with my girlz Susan & Maggie, multiple stops, no watch pauses – Total = 8.03 miles -1:22:48.

Thanks to you F’N Runners for another great Wednesday Night Run.  Thanks again, Kristina for making the drive!

Happy Running,                                                                                                        Amanda -TooTallFritz

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