You may feel like dwelling on your limits or your fears. Don’t do it. A perfect prescription for a squandered, unfulfilled life is to accommodate self-defeating feelings while undercutting your finest, most productive ones. — Marsha Sinetar

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. — Unknown

I have been thinking a lot lately about courage.  As the F’N Running Club grows on a daily basis, I see new people out each time I show up.  This is so amazing to me because these are not people from other area clubs but instead the friends, family and acquaintances of those of us who REALLY love to run.   And you know what, a majority of these new people don’t consider themselves to be “runners”.  They don’t think they are fast enough to keep up and they don’t want to hold up any of the “real runners”.  I say, BULLSHIT come out and join us because everyone is welcome, regardless of pace.  We all had to start somewhere and I some of us started pretty far down on my their own run/walk program.

Do you remember your first group run?  Were you scared?  How long was it that you thought about joining a group before you actually showed up?  Or are you still thinking about it?  I am personally trying to think back to my first group running days to re-experience those feelings and it is hard for me to go back there because I have a crappy memory.  Honestly, I know I had to be terrified.  I know this because I get butterflies driving new places even though I now have EVE,- my in car gps to guide me.  I know these new people are terrified and give them so many props for sucking it up having the courage to come out.  So congrats to our new runners who continue to show up.   And if you have not yet been able to get up the courage join us, I encourage you to give it a try.  I can’t guarantee it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Today was a tough one, we ran the Hickory Creek Extension off of Old Plank Trail.  Can you say hills?  Lots of rollers.  Here is our F’N Running Club group for today:  Susan, Nicole, Suzanne, Angela, April, Jeni, Jennifer E., Jenny G., Kim, & Paul.  

It was an absolutely glorious day to run.  The temp was about 24 when we started, it was daylight and we had an awesome group of runners and run/walkers.  We broke into three groups.  A 9:30 group  and a 10-10:30 group that went 5 miles, then a run/walk group that went 3 miles.  I want to give my friend Kim a HUGE shout out because by her committing to come and lead the run/walkers, we actually had three show up.  On the drive over, Kim downloaded the Nike+ Run App to her phone so she could flip the group at 1.5 miles.  Thanks, Kim.  I know this was your first group run EVER today and I’m sure you too were scared but I really appreciate your showing up and helping us out!  You did AWESOME, totally rocked the run/walk and we want to welcome you to the F’N Running Club!  Whoooooop!  Today’s Run/Walkers:  Jennifer E., Kim & April

Since today was such a glorious day,  plus it was recovery day at a slower pace, I stopped for a billion lots of photos.  Here is a pictorial account of the Hickory Creek Extension.   9:30 Group:

 10:00 Group: 

 Bridges, Hills, Water, Tom-Foolery Running:  Ladies….PLEASE stop and sit on this bench to stare into the sun with me?  Angela, Nicole, Me & SuzanneTurn Around, Angela & Suzanne  10:00 Group approaching the turnaround:  Paul & Jeni

Another great run today!  Congrats to you if this was your first group run.  I know it was hard to have the balls courage to show up, but you did.  Come back.  It will only get easier from here on out.

As for those of you who want to join us but are scared.  Please know that EVERYONE is welcome.  If you let us know before hand your pace/goals, we WILL find somebody at your level to keep you company.  You will have fun.

Happy Running,                                                                                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz

17 thoughts on “Courage……

  1. It was a fun but tough 1st run!! I WILL be back! And the advice I received from “veteran” runners was/is priceless! What a GREAT group of people!

  2. TTF…Wow…you are so productive on this blog I can’t keep up with you at times! I have some comments on your subject and it starts out that on one should have “fear” of coming out for the first time. You refer to “real-runners” which I can only presume those more experienced and faster runners, or those competitive ones up to and including elite sub-5 , sub-6 or 6-something runners.

    Let’s deep-six that concept of “real-runners” and just fall-back to the concept of “runners” – anyone that runs has at least one point in time in the gait, one foot off the ground. And that includes run-walkers. What I can tell you as someone that might be tossed into that category of “real-runner” is that “runners” are almost always willing to help another runner in need, converse with them, wish them well, or talk to them and give them their advice how to improve. Most “real-runners” relish to fill that role and help another fellow runner out; male or female, doesn’t matter.

    Scared or fear is something that applies to all aspects of life and not just running. The key is liking yourself enough to believe that in the presence of others, even “real runners,” you are confident enough in your self that they will treat you as equals, as all “real” runners are supposed to do according to the “Runners Code Of Conduct.”

    Speed or performance ability does not define what makes a runner – running and making that act a part of your regular life does make you a runner. I have had the privilege to talk to some elite runners and some older, former elite runners, and when you get down to the basics, I always find they are just like you and me (actually one and the same) and always willing to accommodate time to talk to you.

    Running is not about how fast you are….running is something you like to do and it becomes a habit….a part of your life…that helps make you healthier….feel better bout yourself….enjoy time with others doing the same. Check it out sometime….even those fast runners passing you by from behind or coming from the opposing direction usually say something positive to you…even if it is a wave, a simple smile, or a simple high. Often, ya hear…..”Looking good…..Keep it up” or something similar.

    That’s what a real runner believes and does. Ya agree? Don’t worry about what you are in terms of being a runner….just get out there and run and let Too-Tall-Fritz find you a comfortable fit in the running schema…..ya….ya….ya!

    • I totally agree! If you run, not matter the distance or pace, you are a runner. I doesn’t matter if you can only run for a little bit and then walk, you are a runner. There is not required pace or distance that you have to hit to earn that title! Also, I totally agree that runners are ALWAYS ready and willing to help other runners with advice, encouragement, etc. We all had to start at the beginning, I am not aware of anyway who just got off the couch one day and could run at a sub-9 pace or 3 miles at once on day one.

      • I totally agree that everyone out there pounding the pavement is a real runner; however, I know that not all of those people consider themselves to be real runners. In fact, somebody I run with all the time still struggles with the “real runner” issue. We are ALL runners. The thing I like best about this sport is that we as runners are so different and unique. We come in all shapes and sizes and paces but we are all still able to group ourselves together as one: RUNNER.

  3. What a fun morning! My 2nd time out w/ the group already! Much better than last week…it was cold and snowing. And, as a newbie, I overdressed on top of that…yikes!!! I look forward to other runs and meeting some new friends. It’s always better having someone/anyone to run w/….keeps your mind off of passing out, puking, or giving up! XOXOX

  4. It took me well over a year to actually make it out for my first group run. I am a little embarrassed by that, but it’s true. When I started running in 2010, I looked up local running clubs and group runs, but never actually went to one. Then we moved, and I did the same thing – looked up local group runs, even put them on my calendar thinking that might push me to go, but never did. Then we moved again, and I finally forced myself to actually go and check out a group run. I kind of did it the “easy” way – I needed new shoes anyway, so I went up to RFK around 5:30 on a Monday after work, dressed in my running clothes. I figured at the very least, I would get a new pair of shoes and I could leave after that, best case scenario, I would stick around for the 6pm run. I did, and now regular group runs are something I look forward to every week!

  5. My first group run was in August of 2011 … with the F’NRC. It was at Schumul … and it was about 98 degrees that day with 100% humidity. The hills scared the crap out of me because I’d never run hills before. Everyone was so supportive … waited for me at the turnaround even though I was moving slow and really struggling … and then waited for me to come back out at the end. I didn’t know anyone in the group at all … but I didn’t care. I was a new runner and didn’t know many other people who ran (other than Julie B. … member of F’NRC and also my next door neighbor) and needed to find like-minded people to run with. I was nervous that first time … but I will never regret getting out there. F’NRC and all of it’s members have made me love running. And even though I’m currently struggling with injuries … I’m counting the days to when I can get back out there on a regular basis and kick some trail with everyone again!!!

    • The F’NRC is such a great group! And I love bringing in new people to the group, and they always remark at how friendly and supportive everyone is! I love it.

  6. Love it Love it Love it, even though I live in a town that to the best of my knowledge doesn’t have a “formal” running club, but small groups of like minded folks gettin it done. The “first time” fear factor concept is so true, but after that it is all down hill. I remember TOOTALLFRITZ’s first 10k we could have powered our home off of the energy rolling off of her, but since then she has “first timed” so many things I can’t keep up. That said, the best “first time” thing she does is drag others/me (and I mean that in the nicest way!) through their “first time”. Keep up the good work Amanda

    • I have been waking up to 75+ spam comments for the last several days. I don’t know what to do. I have been approving them if they don’t look to be dangerous or offensive. When they are in my spam folder, I don’t know the content of the remarks so have been trying to figure out what to do. I don’t want to shut out anyone who wants to comment but also don’t need spammers. Any suggestions?

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