You know how some days are just better than others?  Well, yesterday wasn’t one of the “good” ones.  I was emotionally off my rocker distressed.  For over a week, we have had a screaming toddler. 

Now our toddler ALWAYS screams, so what makes this so over the top?  Well, he has been screaming non-stop for a week, plus won’t sleep unless pressed up against me.  I move, he wakes up.  He even screamed over the weekend when Grammie was in town and that is really bad because usually everything is all about “Grammie”.  He even screamed when she was holding him.  So as a loving and caring Mom, I tried to be rational.  I tried to justify the screaming in that he might possibly be getting sick.  Or he may be getting new teeth.  Or maybe he is tired.  Who the hell really knows but yesterday I reached my breaking point.  And wow, did I break.  I snapped in two, over and over again. 

I was a MOMZILLA, or so I thought.  However, that term has already been appropriated in the Urban Dictionary, look HERE if you want to know the real definition of Momzilla.  So since I can’t use the word “momzilla”, let me just say that I was a Crazy Ass Bitch  crabby and screaming at everyone.  I had a lot of issues going on too….long day working/commuting. 

Okay, that’s not my desk but you have seen my desk already: 

Commuting was back to reality too with EVERYONE back to work after the holidays.

Then my friend is in town so I am particularly edgy.

All I want is chocolate, a good workout and some quiet-time.  But I was out of chocolate frosting. 

And the screaming toddler really got in the way of the good workout although I did give it an honest effort.

And then after, okay during, the half assed workout, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I freaked out screamed and probably would have quit, if that had been an option.

I am hoping this Amanda comes back soon.  She is nice to people and enjoys spending time with her screaming children.

How do you deal with stressors, particularly when it’s that time of the month?  “Normally”, I do better but apparently I’m not feeling very normal.  Sigh…..

Stressed Out Mommy,                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz


8 thoughts on “MomZilla…..

  1. I usually just grab a bottle of wine and sit in a corner rocking back and forth guarding my wine like it’s a newborn (wild-eyed with dagger in one hand, wine in the other). Honestly though, yesterday was also a FULL MOON, so relax, it’s not you…it’s gravity and shit. Next time call me and I’ll come take you out for a beer OR bring you a box of calgon and a bottle of chocolate-raspberry dessert wine.

    ((HUGS)) pal.

  2. I honestly don’t know how ANY of you moms do it! I have the utmost respect for all of you, especially those moms who trade in a few minute on the couch for a few miles on the trail. You are all awesome!

  3. Love this post, cause I’m like this sometimes. Ok, more than sometimes. Occassionally I just have to stop and do nothing for a while. Meditation REALLY DOES HELP. So I’ll find someway to occupy kids for 20 even if its just popping in a show. Or calling in a favor. or whatever. And then I just do nothing, meditate, whatever seems needed. And sometimes it helps just to play with them for a while (I find I’m always SORT of paying attention to them but not really). . . PS. I want your bike 🙂

    • Funny, Ang….the first time I read this I thought it said “medication” really helps. Now that I re-read, of course, MEDITATION is way more your style. Hugs!

      Bought my bike on end of the year clearance. Still didn’t make it cheap but it was cheaper than then one I wanted. So technically, I “settled”. HeHeHeHe…..

  4. I know it is terrible to admit this, but I laughed hysterically throughout reading this post! THANK YOU, for allowing losing it to be “normal”! So many mom’s think they can never lose it, I think it is important to let your kids see there really is a dark side! Remind me when I come to visit to bring you a bottle of chocolate wine, it is delicious AND SOOOOOOO relaxing.

    • Won’t let you forget that choco wine! I hope you and R are going to stay here for the Shuffle, if the boys decide to stay home. If the boys do decide to come, I can send you the link for the kilts that the boys in the run club are wearing. LOL!

  5. TTF…I empathize with ya and can recall decades ago screamin’ young infants and later as toddlers. I was never very good at tolerating it and had to grit my teeth all the time to control myself, then great relief when whatever aid or comfort was provided, put an end to the incessant howling cries of pain.

    Sometimes…I wonder that as newborns and infants, they grow accustomed to the fondling and comfort the proud and duty-bound parents afford, then later as they grow through toddler stage, want that physical affection so often given when newborn and in first year of life. In one perspective that is a “conditioning” response that every time you cry and wail you receive good-feeling affection from parents (namely Mom in most cases). This is sorta like the “runner’s addiction” in the sense our brains get trained to the euphoria (the endorphins) that comes from the running….and we have to keep doing it.

    OK….don’t want to pretend I know anything about infant or child psychology…in fact, all I remember was “Pavlonian operant-conditioning” from my undergraduate psychology classes, so anything I say above should not be construed as a recommendation.

    But, if you are convinced the screaming is not associated to any real-world pain like sickness, incoming tooth or something else, then I think good-ole “mom intuition” will guide you to the correct response. But, if intuition tells you the screaming is not connected to true physical issues and just “attention-getting” then ya might have to bite the bullet and put the I-Pod and headphones on and ignore it, but at least check in every so often to let the toddler know you are checking on him…and if need be…wave your finger side-to-side and say, “Not nice to mess with Mother-Nature.” Toddler will probably scream himself to sleep…unless he is marathon-screamer and can go that distance.

    Maybe it’s like nursing…ya gotta wean them off and on to other things? Hope it works out…just go with intuition and Momzilla will be the past!

    • Marathon Screamers they are….my kids scream til the puke. No passing out, just more work after the vomiting because they are more upset. It is really an unbelievable testament to how stubborn hubby and I are that we have created these children with such “outstanding will”.

      This too shall pass……

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