You know how some days are just better than others?  Well, yesterday wasn’t one of the “good” ones.  I was emotionally off my rocker distressed.  For over a week, we have had a screaming toddler. 

Now our toddler ALWAYS screams, so what makes this so over the top?  Well, he has been screaming non-stop for a week, plus won’t sleep unless pressed up against me.  I move, he wakes up.  He even screamed over the weekend when Grammie was in town and that is really bad because usually everything is all about “Grammie”.  He even screamed when she was holding him.  So as a loving and caring Mom, I tried to be rational.  I tried to justify the screaming in that he might possibly be getting sick.  Or he may be getting new teeth.  Or maybe he is tired.  Who the hell really knows but yesterday I reached my breaking point.  And wow, did I break.  I snapped in two, over and over again. 

I was a MOMZILLA, or so I thought.  However, that term has already been appropriated in the Urban Dictionary, look HERE if you want to know the real definition of Momzilla.  So since I can’t use the word “momzilla”, let me just say that I was a Crazy Ass Bitch  crabby and screaming at everyone.  I had a lot of issues going on too….long day working/commuting. 

Okay, that’s not my desk but you have seen my desk already: 

Commuting was back to reality too with EVERYONE back to work after the holidays.

Then my friend is in town so I am particularly edgy.

All I want is chocolate, a good workout and some quiet-time.  But I was out of chocolate frosting. 

And the screaming toddler really got in the way of the good workout although I did give it an honest effort.

And then after, okay during, the half assed workout, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I freaked out screamed and probably would have quit, if that had been an option.

I am hoping this Amanda comes back soon.  She is nice to people and enjoys spending time with her screaming children.

How do you deal with stressors, particularly when it’s that time of the month?  “Normally”, I do better but apparently I’m not feeling very normal.  Sigh…..

Stressed Out Mommy,                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz