It’s Snowing!!!

I am so excited about the snow!  I know so many who are frowning but I’m like a kid at Christmas super happy right now.  Two of my favorite runners are out playing on pounding Old Plank Trail to get in their scheduled Thursday Noon Run!  Great job Don & Julie.  I had to steal CrazyBoy’s pic to show you the beauty of running in the snow.  Hopefully Don will do a write-up and give us all the fun details!

Do you like the snow?  What are your plans if you get a snow day tomorrow?  Send me your snowy run/fun pics and I will post them.  Let’s have a virtual SNOW DAY!   Email pics with a brief description to me:

Be Safe & Enjoy the Beauty,                                                                                         Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                   

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