They can’t all be THE BOMB….

It’s Wednesday which means that it was run night with the F’N Running Club.  We had to deviate from our normal plan since the trail was snow and ice-covered.  This happens a lot during winter but we have been lucky thus far so this is one of the first runs we have done that was off trail.  A local subdivision was chosen for us to ambush and we swooped in with our knucklelights.  I was fortunate enough to get there a little early so that I could scope out the neighborhood before dark.  It was busy, windy and had several patches of ice but certainly better than the trail.  There was one nice 1.5 mile loop that Brian F. was able to extend for us to just under 5 miles.

Here is our group for tonight.  We were a little light but it was cold and windy so I can’t blame anyone for opting out going to the gym instead.  From left:  Cathie, Dawn, April, Brian F., Susan & Aurelia.

Even though the temps were in the 20s, it seemed cooler than that to me with the wind factor.  I was layered for probably 10 to 15 degree weather and it worked out correctly this time.  I was very happy to have Susan and Aurelia for company or I would have probably skipped it tonight.  I’m tired and don’t have much “umph” in my step.  Super glad to feel accountable to the group as it forced me to show up when I wasn’t feeling it.

So I went 2.91 solo, then another 6.4 with the group for a total of 9.31 miles on a cold, windy Wednesday night.  That’s a win in my book.  It wasn’t a nice scenic trail view, there wasn’t a tight row of trees providing shelter and wind break, we had added traffic/darkness/ice factors to deal with but we were still able to make it happen.  Not every run is going to be one for the record books, gotta take the good with the mediocre and (gasp) even the bad.

How about you, did you get out tonight or choose the gym?  Or did you skip a workout all together in favor of a rest day?

Layer Up!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

4 thoughts on “They can’t all be THE BOMB….

  1. Thanks for the comment, I use to think how wonderful the build in T.v’s would be, than I used one… And had a different opinion!
    Have fun doing that speed work… Always fun


  2. I was bummed I couldn’t get out of work in time to meet up with my usual Wednesday folks 🙂 BUT I did want to get a run in because it’s Wednesday and I always run on Mondays and Wednesdays. I did 4 miles solo and actually did pretty well considering I didn’t have other folks to push me along. Lately I’ve noticed that I run slower by myself, but maybe that’s because my group runs are a little faster so I use solo days for easy miles. Anyway, I was glad to know I can go fast when it’s just me! And I know I’ve really come far when instead of making any excuse NOT to run, I get in my run despite getting out of work late and despite the ice and cold temps. Such a change from a year ago.

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