19 Runners and Counting……

I was fortunate that hubby agreed to watch the kiddos to be able to get out for the Saturday run with the F’N Running Club, and WOW, I’m super glad I didn’t miss this one.  We had 19 people this morning including myself!  Look for the newbies!  Top from left:  Eve, Jim, Amy, Brian, Stephanie, Susan, Nicole R, Kate S, Mary, Kelly, Gennie.  Bottom from left:  Julie, Joe, Diane, Nicole C, Jeni, Melissa, Kate LF, Meg.

Great turnout for an early morning run in FEBRUARY!  I can’t even imagine how many  will drag their butts out of bed show up come spring/summer.  So as of today, I believe this is our largest group run to date.  I am certainly hoping we beat that number tomorrow!

Even though it is the beginning of February we were able to run the trail.  We had a very light dusting of snow during the night which made the trail a little slippery in spots but overall it was very pleasant.  The temps were mild, starting out around 34 with a bit of a breeze but by the time we hit the turnaround all of that was forgotten and we were stripping our gloves and outer layers.  It really was a beautiful day with a great group of people. 

Joe coming back from the turnaround.

Most of the runners went 6 miles today.  However, we did have a large group of run/walkers who went 3 miles, then a few ladies who went 4 miles.  The paces varied from the run walk group up to about a 7:45-8:00 pace.  Today was the fun/short day for most of us so we were focused on trying to be good and not run too fast which was really hard with so many people and the overall excitement.  It was certainly fun with so many friendly runners on the trail!

Tomorrow we have moved the run to the Grainery in Frankfort where the parking area is more accommodating to our growing numbers.  Hope to see you at 7am tomorrow!  The group will be running from 3-10 miles…..surely that will fit into your plan, right?  Okay, then we will see you tomorrow!

Mileage – 6.06 – 58:41 with multiple stops.  Fun Factor – HIGH.

Happy Running!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

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