Gloomy Runday……

I live work in a high-rise building in downtown Chicago.  I  normally arrive in the dark early  morning and leave mid afternoon. It’s unusual that I leave the building during the day for “lunch” and in this office space, I no longer have a personal office, nor do I have access to a window unless I specifically seek one out.  So when I plan to run after work, I do so without regard to the weather.  And generally speaking,  my life really doesn’t have many time allowances to reschedule runs/workouts anyhow, so the weather is hardly a factor in my decision to run or not run.

So yesterday afternoon, as I was watching the running related facebook pages working, I started to notice my Wednesday night runners begin to drop like flies.  We normally have a pretty solid core group that shows up to run with the F’N Running Club, but yesterday we were a little light.  My run friends had awesome alibis.  Brain P was packing for Ireland.  Yeah right, like men actually pack their own bags?  HaHaHaHa…..ok, maybe some men.  Melissa EM was getting a massage?  Hmmmmm, yeah, me too.  I want a massage.  Can I join you?  Jenni H & Meg couldn’t come cuz hubby wasn’t home to help with the little ones.  Okay, that one “might” have been legit but it was ironic that once I stepped outside the fluorescent lights I realized the weather was super crappy less than ideal. It looked something like this (not my photo but couldn’t get the source).

By the time I drove all the way back to the Burbs in a cold, drizzly rain, even I didn’t really want to run and was wondering if it was too late to get in with Melissa for a massage.  But alas, I hauled myself out of my car and just started running because although it was cold and wet, I knew that I REALLY did want to be out there putting in some miles.  The gloominess was actually peaceful.  There was a bit of ice and snow left on Old Plank east of Frankfort and the wildlife was out thinking they had the world all to themselves.   I saw several white tail deer, rabbits, birds, squirrels and other small animals.  It was as close to a real trail run as I’ve had for quite a while.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Majestic.

And since I wasn’t the only one who wanted to run, we still had a nice group of F’N Runners.  Top from left:  CrazyBoyDon, Diane & Maggie – MagMileRunner.  Bottom from left:  Dawn, Cathie, Susan & Me.  Brian F was nice enough to take this photo.  Thanks, Brian!

Another great run!  Thanks to those of you who came out because I am not sure I would have been strong enough to go by myself if we hadn’t planned to meet up as a group.  It was just one of those days where you start out and you just aren’t feeling it but as always, I think we were all happy as we were driving home. 

A special shout out goes to Don for coming out in the rain.  His schedule usually doesn’t allow him to make an appearance on weeknights and it was great to see him, although he did push our pace a bit.  CrazyBoy is getting strong….P-90X, maybe?  Gotta check that out! 

Happy Running!                                                                                                              Amanda – TooTallFritz

11 thoughts on “Gloomy Runday……

  1. Yes, between Brian F. and Don, it was quite the sprint start. What has gotten in to these boys? I could not catch up with them. Nice job everyone! Gloomy or not, we got it done!

  2. Love the Chicago Skyline pic…even if you didn’t take it, I am pretending you somehow rented a boat at lunch and made the trip out onto L.M. to snap that dreariness…

    • Love it! Now wouldn’t that be fun?! I have always wanted to do one of the NYE cruises on the lakefront but the babysitter issue, plus the getting to and from (if we wanted to cocktail on the boat) just makes it too complex to work out at this point in our lives.

  3. Hey…I’m one of those guys who actually do pack for myself! Of course, when my wife saw that I was packing running gear (“two pairs of running shoes, one pair of “casual/dress” shoes?? Really??”), she tried to take over, but I won out in the end. Looking forward to refreshing my running spirit while over there and getting ready to get back out with the Ruckin Funners when I return, maybe even with a real Irish kilt for the Shuffle! See you in a couple weeks!

    • Awesome! Have a great trip….I was just razzin’ you! As for packing the running stuff, I found some LUG brand luggage and bags that have a seperate compartment for running shoes and I’m seriously considering making the investment to try out a piece or two. Enjoy and please snap some pics so we can do a guest Ireland “running” post when you get back….cuz many of us will never make it to Ireland to go for a run!

  4. Yes it was a gloomy day. Not all that bad when I ran ca 4 pm….just gloomy gray skies and this really light, fine drizzle. Got more wet from sweat than drizzle. What was really gloomy and depressing was just how much the L-foot and hamstring were hurting….could barely eek out a 9:15 pace….kept it easy and hopefully help work out some of the kinks not forcing anything. Maybe it was the cold, dank, gloomy weather causing the leg to act up, or more likely that 10-miler Monday afternoon on the streets averaging 8:15…..injury is really what can make the day gloomy.

    • I’m resting today b/c I can feel my feet “a bit” so taking the day off. So sorry you are hurting, paticularly since you have Boston looming. Wish I knew what to tell you would help.

  5. I had been looking forward to last nights run since I got my schedule and saw I had a day shift!! I hardly noticed the weather. My car said it was 40 in February and that made me smile. As far as pushing the pace, I was just trying not to get run over by you girls!! I owe my speed to trying to keep up with Susan, Julie!! Now I just need to find some Irish looking socks to wear for the shuffle…

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