Short & Sweet……

I have been checking on a daily weekly basis for Aby’s Track & Field schedule to be released.  My spring racing schedule hinges on hers and I’m a planner so need to know what’s happening for life, running and racing for the next year six months.  And because of my tendency to plan, it quite frankly really bothers me when a new event is scheduled without much notice, like the Get Lucky 7 and the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon.  Today was the day that the track schedule was published.  Of course, we have no idea of when practice starts but with the first meet on April 2nd, I can’t imagine that it will be long before the season begins.

So today the preparations began.  We first stopped at Running For Kicks for a new pair of running shoes, then we hit the road to break them in a bit.  My little shortie is looking good and getting stronger by the season.  It is absolutely amazing.The little girl who couldn’t go a half mile before stopping to walk just this past summer ran 2 miles without stopping tonight.   She hasn’t run since the end of Cross Country season except to come out in support of the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold.  I had suspected during the Sherry run that she was stronger.  I thought the strength was probably more mental than physical but it really doesn’t matter.

Tonight confirmed my suspicions and she IS stronger!  It was a short but very sweet run tonight.  Proud of my little girl!

2 miles in 20:13 with a short stop at the turnaround while we awaited a passing car.  Watch out, my little Aby will be flying around all of us before we even know it.

Proud Mamma,                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

5 thoughts on “Short & Sweet……

  1. Like Mother….Like Daughter! Give her a little time to ease in and re-build her fitness since last track season…pretty soon she will be able to pace you to your 5k PR goal….!

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