Hello Miami!

Wow, it has been a beautiful day in Miami, FL. I feel so blessed to be here with my Mamma enjoying her company and this beautiful weather. Today we had low to mid 80s with a slight breeze and some definite humidity.

We booked out hotel thru the 13.1 Miami Beach travel agent and they totally HOOKED US UP! Yay!! Here is the view from our hotel room at the Shelborne South Beach:


The beach which is directly in front of our hotel pool.


Mom & I:


Fun street for shopping & lunch!


Our lunch spot, which we were told was a very hot place to eat. Top 10, guaranteed, yeah right!.



Fun times!

4 thoughts on “Hello Miami!

  1. Wow…who cares about goals and finish times….just enjoy the break from this grueling (but overall not so bad) Chicago winter. Remember, your body won’t be acclimated to running in that warm of temp and humidity, so adjust your run speed downward. Start out slow and segue into a pace that seems comfortable and watch the hydration. I would make sure you start out fully hydrated, then hold-off for the first 2-miles or 15-20 min, then start taking in the Gatorade or whatever Sports drink they use. I wouldn’t mess with water other than take it and pour it over the back of your neck at times. The sports drink has all the water you need, plus the electrolytes & carb. Taking water with Gatorade just dilutes the original concentration designed for max absorption in the gut. Run the last 10-8k strong, but controlled and kick-it in the last 0.2-mi to the finish line!

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