Fun in the Sun – Miami – Part II

Yesterday was a huge day and I feel like we fit in as much R&R and fun as possible. The first thing on my list was a run so that I could attempt to acclimate my body to this climate a bit for the race. I know I don’t have enough time to acclimate properly but I at least wanted to know how I was going to feel. So I went out about the time the sun came up and it was just a beautiful day.






I just ran/walked took some photos and just enjoyed the sights. I LOVED the performance of the Tough Chik tank in the heat. I never even noticed it was there which was a huge win. I also tested out a new (to me) product in the Mission Skincare line. They had a 5 hour anti-chafe cream that I compared to body glide. I am a body glide lover so was wondering how this would compare.


I used it the day before while walking around town and didn’t love it. So thought I better give it a try on a low intensity run. It goes on like paste, and it’s sticky. The stickiness doesn’t really go away. I didn’t chafe but just felt sticky. So I guess it “works” but I prefer the feel and texture of the body glide.

After the run, mom & I had a light breakfast and then spent several hours under an umbrella on the beach.

<img src=""

Then shopping, lunch and general sightseeing fun.



Now off to pick up my packet for tomorrow’s race.

2 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun – Miami – Part II

  1. That’s awesome, Shannon! I am not a tequila drinker (can’t really handle the hard stuff!) but this was the “house” tequila for a cute little bar/restaurant @ 15th & Ocean Drive called Tequila Chicas. Couldn’t really pass up a place like that! I asked them if it was a local brand and I was told yes, possibly a slight exaggeration since I’m pretty sure you are in CA. Mom had a margarita and said the Milagro was good. Tell hubby we said “Hello” and good work! 🙂

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