Spring Forward….

Yesterday was the first day of Daylight Savings 2012.  Being from Indiana, I have a love/hate relationship with Daylight Savings.  My entire life prior to moving to Illinois did not include changing the clocks twice a year.  Honestly, it just seems silly to me. While I understand the concept, it just doesn’t seem practical.  Apparently, somebody with a little power decided that it was getting dark too early so they passed a law to move the clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring.  Really?  Who sold that?  Now that was one damn good salesman.  Side note:  I would like to personally thank whoever came up with the “Fall Back, Spring Forward” slogan.  If not for that little diddy, I would NEVER know which way we were headed!

If you have kids and/or pets, you know that they have no regard to the hour on the clock so it is quite possible that YOU along with me are very crabby and tired today.  I feel dazed and confused.  What day is it?  What time is it?   Did that clock change automatically or do I need to change it?  Sitting here at my computer I see 3 different time displays which read drastically different times:  9:40, 10:02 & 8:40….hmmmmm, HELP!

My legs are also very tired today and I have a few minor twinges of pain/fatigue.  In the last 8 days, I raced a half marathon and a 5k, and I squeezed in a total of 50 miles.  Although this is totally unremarkable for some, this is very remarkable for me and my legs are definitely telling me anyone who will listen that they are whooooped.  I actually knew that before yesterday but that didn’t stop me from going out with Aurelia and hitting the trails in the beautiful sunshine.  We met up at  Yankee Woods and ran almost 11.5 miles.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Aurelia, stop & wave!

The Yankee Runners were also out and running hard.  We saw our fellow “Team Skirt” runner, Judy, and I begged her to stop for a photo.  Thanks, Judy!  Judy, Me & Aurelia:

I’m trying not to fall down into the ravine behind me:

Because apparently the 4 legged creatures don’t even go down there but run the ridge instead:

Aurelia flying back to the car, just down the hill then we are finished!!

After the run, I was shot, actually I was shot at about the 8th mile but as soon as I walked in the door of the house, Aby was adamant that we go out hiking.  Ummm, really?  Now?  Can we wait til after nap time?  No?  Okay, let me shower off fast and we will go hiking.  So off we went with Michael and Libby to the Monee Reservoir which is right down the road from our house.  They have some shorter hiking trails that are mostly grass.  The reservoir and wetlands surround the trail so if you go out that way, be prepared to get your shoes muddy!  The section we took was very scenic and just at 3 miles. 

Michael, Aby & Libby:

Me & Libby:

A few Black & Whites.  I actually don’t care for black & whites but my camera was still mad that we had to get up early to go running so it deleted a few of my Yankee Woods pics and then switched to B&W for some of the Monee Reservoir pics.  Touché camera, you win.   Are we even now?

Libby taking Aby for a drag:

Libby wanted to be off leash sooooo badly.  However, we were in a busy area with lots of other people/dogs, close to a busy road and train tracks.  She is a bird dog and as most know, they are bird dogs first and pet’s second, so she can be so focused she “forgets” to listen to her mommy.  Plus, I can’t be a bird dog mommy and a human mommy at the same time without somebody losing out.  So she had to stay in the “people” area rather than thrashing thru the brush and water on the hunt.

It was lots of fun going to the Reservoir, so close to home but still a bit of a change for the kids and Libby.  They loved it.  Maybe we will try Goodnowe Grove next weekend!  We have stayed pretty close to home the last couple of years due to Mr. Michael’s age but he is much better at traveling and trying new things now.  Toddlers are fun, particularly once they are potty trained!  🙂

What did you do this weekend?  Were you able to get out and enjoy the weather?

Happy Running,                                                                                                            Amanda – TooTallFritz

6 thoughts on “Spring Forward….

    • I think the photos are my favorite part of blogging. I’m much better now about having a camera with me to capture our lives and as a result appreciating the beauty around me more. Win!

  1. Ah…I like the black-n-white angle…looks more nostalgic! I survived a 22-mile long-run in the hills of Palos. Not a pretty run and slogging it out the last 10k at 9:30-10:15 miles cause the L-heel and Sciatica in the L-hip/hamstring really talking by 14-miles. Amazingly, by evening it was pretty-well subdued and by Sunday morning was able to do a 3-mi recovery run on Dreadmill in a blistering 31:30 – LOL! The best part was a late afternoon hike into Munster and back to the tune of 6.75-mi, and found two dollar bills to boot! Capped off the evening with the first outdoor campfire for the year! Woo-Hoo…Life Is Good! Stay warm and I can plan to run in shorts at tonight’s RFK fun-run!

  2. Oh, BTW about that time change….What I don’t like is I have to dig-out the instruction manual for the wrist-watch and pedometer to figure out the sequence of buttons and such to push to re-set the time!

  3. I was really tired and we were only into just over 5 miles of our 16 mile run when you saw us. Should’ve had Kristi in the picture also, another Team Skirt runner!! Next time!

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