Look for ME!!

If you see me at the Shamrock Shuffle Expo or on race day, please give a shout out so I can meet you!

A few ways you may recognize me:

  • I may be a head or two taller than most of the crowd.  Yep, that’s me in the back with Cathie and Dawn in front of me.  No problem picking me out of the crowd.
  • I travel in a pack so if you see me at the expo with 3 or 4 women, 3 teens and 2, strollers, that’s probably my crew.  My munchkins are below, I think we get to leave the dog at home this time, I think: 
  • Race Day = Green Team Sparkle Skirt: 
  • Depending on the weather, I may or may not have my URL on my shirt.
  • I have a huge large tattoo of a cross on the back of my left leg.  Before you ask, this is the script of John 3:16.  You won’t see another one quite like this unless you go to the street photog’s website who caught me in motion in South Beach.  Source – Christian Robotti Photography
  • I’ll be in Corral  B with hopefully several other green sparkle skirts and a kilt or 2.
  • I’ll try to stand as close to the green men as possible in hopes of getting on tv.
  • I’ll be the green sparkle skirt dying in the 3rd mile coming back along Van Buren Street.
  • I’ll be at the front of the Blue Gear Check Tent awaiting the F’N Running crew to come in from their races after I finish and pick up my gear.

Look for me and say, hey!  And good luck to all my F’N Runners, newbies and old pros alike, as well as everyone else who is running.  Let’s shamROCK this town!  And don’t forget to sign up for the the automatic facebook/twitter updates via shamROCKon for race day!.

Happy Running!                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz.com

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