25 mph WNW Winds….Increasingly Windy

As I was headed home from work today, I could feel my car being blown all over the expressway.  When I got home I grabbed a handful of Easter candy checked the weather as I was putting on my bike clothes to go for a ride.  I was planning to ride a loop on my country roads, technically the plan was to loop it 3x for 25 miles but the biggest issue was getting my ass out the door.  I didn’t want to go; I’d rather be running, right?  Absolutely!  But even a run in this crazy wind would have been a challenge out here.  Since I’m in the middle of nowhere, the 25 WNW winds are even more daunting because we don’t have anything to block or break it.  I should REALLY just stay in the house and eat more candy do laundry.  But alas, if it were race day, I’d be out there no matter what so I motivated myself to try just one loop.

I know, I’m too sexy, right?  All decked out in my $5 add-on arm warmers from Running Warehouse with my cool Team Tough Chik TRI Tank!   Sorry, those are the only arm warmers I have at the moment but rumor is that Team Tough Chik is going to do matching arm warmers when they reopen registration in May.  Make sure you get on their mailing list  HERE to be notified when registration opens.

Anyhow, out the door I went and it was rough!  Thank goodness I ate a shitload some Easter candy or I’m quite certain the wind would have actually lifted my bike and tossed me a few times.  Thank goodness there were not many cars cruising our country roads or I probably would have been hit.  I don’t ride straight when I’m sober on a normal basis and well when the wind is pushing me at 25+ mph from the side, it’s impossible to ride straight, or shift.  Aero is absolutely out of the question and I’m pretty sure that’s when I’m supposed to be riding aero ………… on these windy days.  Yes?  No?   Who really knows, all I know is that I was holding on for dear life, begging to be safely delivered back to my drive before the wind picked me up and blew me on my way.  And I say 25 mph, my ass.  No flippin’ way those winds are only 25 mph….maybe 50, maybe more.  Enough to scare me into only doing one loop.  So I rode my bike an entire 8.6 miles tonight and it was a tough 8.6 miles.  Something is better than nothing, right?  I’m just happy to be back in the house!

Stay Safe,                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

1 thought on “25 mph WNW Winds….Increasingly Windy

  1. Nice expose Ms. Too-Tall! Ya right…that wind kick-ass and Frogger is a “weather bunny” (or jock, whichever you prefer), and the winds were gusting to 30+ mph, so your obs on what you experiencing are pretty true to the data! The problem with loops is that ya always got a leg heading back into the wind, so my suggestion would take a route and do 10 straight into the wind, then turn it back and fly like hell with the wind to your back! Just an idea..Or maybe ya were just wanting some resistance training? LOL!

    I am sure you are happy to be back at the house after 20-mi in that wind! Ya get a medal of honor in meritorious duty fulfilling your training mission. Ya…you are quite the “hot” in those pics and poses in run apparel you post, the one you referenced, no exception. Ya can pass that comment on to Mick…just so he knows the rest of the world recognizes he got one kick–hot-ass lady! Just a compliment…so hope ya enjoy that!

    Keep it up TTF…ya on a Tri-Mission and gonna love to see it come to fruition at that first 70.3 ya entered. Awesome….and ya F-N’ runners got one hell of a leader/coach to run with! Keep it up…all of ya!

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