Positively Positive….

There are so many things which I can’t change, like this rainy, gloomy day in Chicago.

Or the fact that I have Chocolate Cheerios scattered throughout my car due to an early morning ziplock malfunction.  Or the fact that my car keeps screaming at reminding me that I need an oil change, filter, & maintenance which is on the “to do” list for today!  But one thing I can change is my mood/attitude.  I am Positively Positive that I can find something on the net to make me smile.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend and try to pound out some miles for your own sanity!

Happy Friday,                                                                                                                   Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Positively Positive….

  1. TTF…..LOL! Think positive….with the rain the amphibians are finally saying….”ahhhhhh…..tha feels oh-so good!” Seriously….been really dry this spring….don’t know how those salamanders made it to the breeding ponds, but based on the number of egg masses I saw yesterday in breeding pond at TC Woods, they somehow made it in! The small pond was very low and the water all muddy, so I assume this rain is much needed to bring the level back up and clear the water. Couldn’t believe….little larvae still inside their individual eggs and wriggling about! Even with the warm weather, haven’t yet hatched out. Presumably this means the salamanders didn’t get into the ponds until later than usual in April. Usually there in and out with the egg-laying by end of March. So….give some cheers for some rain cause the amphibians need it! Hip-hip hurray for the rain. And…with rain…comes new growth…not only for plants, trees and wildflowers….but runners too!

  2. Ha! I like the ones about checking your phone. Although for me it would be 5 hours.

    I actually like working on rainy days – makes me long less to be outside. But not when I get all wet walking to or from work!

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