Spring Fever…

This kids are so close to getting out of school and are anxiously awaiting summer vacation.  Our toddlers are freaking out want to be outside non-stop.  We are trying to close out the school sport seasons with the kids, figure out how to keep them occupied this summer and in the interim running our asses off a lot to get in as many miles as possible while the weather is still nice before it turns HOT.  I must say when I parked at the Grainery last night and my thermometer showed temps in the 50’s, I was a very happy camper.  That 40-55 degree range is perfect for me and that is why the spring/fall running weather is the best.  Crisp, cool, zero humidity.  Win!

I have also been obsessed in the mood to run the long way around the pond these days.  I don’t care for the little curves just east of the Grainery, so have been running around the pond when I am solo.  It adds a little distance but makes up for that in beauty, tranquility and less crazy curves. 


 Path around pond (grainery)_5-9-12

Did I mention that it was tranquil?  I feel so fortunate to live close to nice trails that are safe and well maintained.  Road running can be stressful and dangerous but if you hit the trail, although you still need to vigilant, you get a bit of peace/tranquility and it’s safe for the most part.  At least you don’t need to worry about a car running you down, right?

I run Old Plank a lot due to it’s length and vicinity to my house.  I consider it my “home” trail.  Do you have a home trail?  Which one?  I’m always up for a road trip to run somewhere new.  Tell me about your trail!

Happy  Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

12 thoughts on “Spring Fever…

    • I have a friend in Homestead, FL and she says the same thing. When I go to visit my family in Indiana, there are very few trails and it makes getting in a long run very difficult. Biking….forget it!

  1. Nice that you live so close to nice trails. WE have great trails here in Washington, but they are a bit of a drive. My new favorite trail is the Centennial trail. It is paved but is so beautiful. About a 20 minute drive for me, but well worth it.

    • I have to drive 15 min or more to any trail. Some of the really good ones are 30 but you are right, it’s worht it. I am super envious of the WA, OR, & CO trails I see people talk/post about!

  2. I run at times on the Burnham Greenway Trail in Lansing to far N-side of Calumet City, and when doing long-runs at home, the Lansing-Glenwood Woods trail. That one starts at Lansing Woods off of 186th East of Torrence and ends at woods in Glenwood, Sweetwoods I think it is called…ca 4.8-miles 1-way out. I can add mileage by running from the end trail east to frontage roads along 394 and turn it back, adding a couple of more miles. It’s pretty scenic and tranquil in many sections.

  3. My home trails are short unfortunately, being in the city. I run around humboldt park sometimes, and sneak up to the bloomingdale trail when i am feeling frisky, and have Matt with me as a body guard. I am very jealous of your trail – it looks so peaceful!

  4. I consider the east end of Old Plank Road Trail (east of Cicero all the way to the trailhead at Western) my “home” trail, since it is about a mile and a half from home. My typical run is from my front door to the trail, then far enough until I can turn around and come home. There’s also a bathroom & water fountain right around the spot where I get on the trail, and I noticed the other day that the water is back on.

  5. I am down with OPT, too. It’s literally in my front yard. That’s why we were able to keep our run commitment last night, even though we couldn’t meet up with our usual Wednesday night gang.

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