A Family Affair….

There are several reasons why I love my running club but the number one reason is that we get out the door, no matter what.  Rain, Sleet, Snow, Darkness and even when we have our kids & fur babies in tow.







FN Runners_12-18-11



Palos Half_Maggie

Thanks F’N Runners for making me and my family feel like we have found a home amongst the running community. 

Sometimes we even have a little post-run fun!


FNRC_Shamrock 2012

Have you found your running/fitness family yet?  If not, better start searching or you can join us.  The more the merrier!

Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **  amanda@tootallfritz.com

5 thoughts on “A Family Affair….

  1. Last night’s run was really fun! It was especially fun to just hang out for a little while afterwards at the park and at Gracie’s on the Old Plank Trail. Who knew that they allowed dogs inside!? Loved that!!!! It was a beautiful night for friends and family (even the four legged family members) to get some fresh air. Frankfort was a bustling place last night with the Thursday auto show and lots of energy and excitement going on! I just wish the weather could stay this wonderful — low humidity and mosquito free — perfect running conditions. Good job to the youngsters that have been running with us as well. It’s fantastic to encourage fitness for fun at such a young age. I love our running group! Come be a F’N Runner with us, Everyone!

  2. As Popeye said, “I am what I am” so that will have to suffice for the question on whether I have found my “run-family.” They know who they are…and me just another running slug in the grand scheme of things…but the grand scheme is to be a slug? LOL!

    But the most important aspect of your post…your pics and comments of running with the fur and the kids and such. Wow…that’s important to recognize…cause no excuses…just put the dog on a leash (does anyone run with a cat?) or the kids in the run-behind stroller or cart hooked to a bike and be on with it….no excuses….and ya know….both the fur and the yung-uns will love it! See it all the time these kids comfortably sitting in bike pull-behind carts or run-behind 3-wheel strollers and they always look so content. I wish when I was a little one in the mid-50’s that they had such technology and/or the impetus for moms and dads to run with their kids or fur….awesome….opportunity….I encourage all to carpe diem and do whatever brings better health and fitness for self and family!

    Good subject TTF! Peace to ya all!

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