Running Happy…..

I know my fitness is in the toilet due to my stint as an injured runner but I’m back on the trail and could not be happier.  I’m not fast.  I’m not smooth.  I’m not pain free but I’m happy as hell!  Last night Michael and I hit OPT with the jogging stroller and 2 flat tires.


He wasn’t really into sitting in the stroller but did enjoy the trail east of the Grainery because he normally doesn’t make that trek.


Everything is so green and alive and the trees helped shade us from the fading sun.  We didn’t see any critters but we weren’t exactly quiet either.  We chatted, he told me to run faster, we saw a few people, stopped for a few photos, and I let him out a few times to run. 

Michael_running_7-31-12     Michael_running2_7-31-12

Things are good again.  We ran 4 miles and I basically decided if I could just run, even if it wasn’t long distance, even if it wasn’t fast, then I’d be happy.  Very happy. 

** Run Happy ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

5 thoughts on “Running Happy…..

  1. Egads…your fitness is certainly not in the toilet! Maybe you gave up some “conditioning” you attained prior to your injury, but the physiological “give-up” or reduction in conditioning does not equate to fitness in the toilet! But have to love your approach and sometimes not being a slave to a schedule and just do running on your own terms like as the one you post pics of will go a long way towards rebuilding your conditioning.

    Gotta like that little kiddo telling mom to “run faster.” There you go…the kid’s a coach and he is telling you time to pick-it-up with a fast interval. And actually there’s a game you can play in the future and let him make the call when you run faster and for how long. You make the decision in what constitutes slow and easy, and what constitutes fast intervals. Of course Michael has to understand he can’t have you run the speed for too darn long. I wonder how long Michael would want you pushing him in that stroller with him calling the “speed-play?” Give it a try and report back.

    The beauty here is your back to running and run it according to your terms and your needs. Don’t force it…don’t rush it…just find ways to get runs done and you and family have fun doing it at the same time and it’s a win-win proposition.

    Gotta love the pic of the “little-man” running. Can’t keep a tiger caged for too long….right?

    peace all

  2. I feel your pain of being injured. I was soooooo happy to finally be able to run again earlier this year after taking months off for my hip flexor injury. So very happy you can run again! 🙂

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