Positive Community Development…….

Sometimes that little “extra” that you need in your life is not sitting right next to you.  Some of us need motivation to get off the couch workout, run and give life a TRI!  It’s just too easy to be lazy!


This is why I started the TTF blog, to meet other people who were as crazy motivated as myself and to hold myself accountable.  I am a decent self motivator but it’s always good to think that “we are in it together” and that was what I was missing, a group of like minded people with whom to share my insanity passion.  I did know a lot of people in the running community, and ran on and off with various groups but due to my hubby’s work schedule I was mostly on my own.  I got thru all of those “solo” years with on and off, training partners (Lisa E, Abby S, Kerry C & Shelly O) and the mantra, “If it’s easy, it’s not worth it”.   I pushed forward, not for any reward but solely because the desire burned inside of me to be stronger, faster and better than ever.  I raced a lot to keep from being lazy focused on the end goal:  Staying Fit!

I am certainly no longer alone in my quest.  It seems the last year or so has brought an onslaught of positive community development on various levels.  I credit social media in helping to increase the awareness of fitness groups and new area running clubs, like the Frankfort New Lenox Running Club (aka:  The F’N Runners – photo below).   Plus, the creation of websites like Chicago Running Bloggers brings together like minded people who may or may not have ever come together otherwise. 

So now, as I hit the trial, I see more and more people out there giving it their all on a Saturday morning before the sun rises.  Last week, I saw the F’N Runners, the Park Forest Running & Pancake Club, Tinley Track & Trail, Tri Smart and I knew the Looney Chics were out there somewhere too.  We continue to increase awareness of our groups and develop a massive community to support and motivate each other in life, training, & racing.  We know that regardless of where we go, there will always be a “friendly” in the crowd and for that reason we keep pushing our limits to better ourselves and each other. 

Thanks to all my virtual, real life, and on the run/trail training partners who continue to push me when I’d rather be sitting on the couch. 

Have you noticed the growth and how much more visible the fitness/running groups have become as of late both online and in real life?  Do you credit the internet and social media for getting the word out and helping our community grow?  Does the growth of our community push you to be better?

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

5 thoughts on “Positive Community Development…….

  1. No, I really haven’t noticed anything definitively in terms of online or real-world growth, unless you referring to a lot of groups not only with club websites, but moving into Facebook and such. I do know that this country seems remiss and forgetful that we are still involved in a war in Afghanistan for 12-years or so, and everyday there are US soldiers killed in combat. Maybe we should do a run to put an end to that war? Hope I don’t get labeled a “negative” for mentioning this, but when we all seem a little too complacent with everything that comprises or life and culture here in the great United States, and loosing sight what our country is doing out there in the 3rd world. Some of it good…other of it questionable.

    I know what you mean by “if it is easy, it isn’t worth doing” in the sense of attaining your goal, but I don’t want the negative “easy” to be confused with “running-easy” because the objective to run slower at times makes one a stronger and faster and more efficient runner down the road, if done correctly in the context of “easy-hard-easy” training paradigm.

    It is great to see the growth of new run clubs and the energy and excitement that comes with new people discovering the great things that happen when they adopt running to their lifestyle. But while we rejoice in that and the potential that running brings to new found health and vigor in our lives, let us not forget that their is an undeclared war this country has going on in Afghanistan and we we need to bring it to conclusion and bring those soldiers home. I saw some stat that said on average, one US soldier dies in the line of duty every single day. There are some days many more killed, but the loss of a single life any day is untenable to me.

    Can there ever be an end to this insanity? I can only hope so.

  2. Ya…but that pic of you on the couch with that lovely Weimeraner snoozing is what life is all about. That’s not being lazy…you going with the flow and giving some love and company to the doggie family member! You have to enjoy that moment. Now if the dog is begging you to go out for a run….then that is a different scenario. I got your point though, so don’t fret – just want to remind you it’s a great life and go with the moment!

  3. I was in DC actually Arlington, but just over the Potomac on 8/11(Saturday) We were eating breakfast about to hit the road home and I look down and saw a running club that had to have around 30-40 runners.

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