Weekend in Review….

This was a great weekend but certainly one that has been in the planning for many months.  It’s was Chicago Marathon weekend but alas, I wasn’t going to be able to have much marathon “fun” so I was ecstatic when Maggie’s PR contact at Brooks Running hooked us up with an opportunity to meet Desi Davila at the expo on Friday night. 

Me, Sara, Jeni, Desi, Maggie & Kelly

After our initial intro, Brooks performed a gait analysis for each of us and recommended shoes.  I’m currently in a light stability shoe (guidance shoe in Brooks terminology) and apparently that was right on target.  They recommended I choose between the Brooks Ravenna or Pure Cadence which I already own x2

image    Brooks Pure Cadence_pink

While we were taking turns for gait analysis Desi hung out and chatted with us.  She was very tiny shy, cool, down to earth and didn’t seem to mind hanging out.  She too is on the injured list so that was our main topic of conversation when I was personally talking with her.  She is currently on total rest but plans to return to training soon. 

I’ve been a Desi fan for quite some time, probably before she was on the radar for most, specifically because she trains close to Chicago and has ran the Chicago Marathon a few times.  So I was excited to meet her and happy to have had the opportunity.  Thanks, Maggie.  Thanks, Brooks Running.  Thanks, Desi for coming out to spend a bit of time with us.  Thanks to whoever stuffed the goodie bag with this amazing Brooks Infinity Wind Shirt


We were also introduced to a few gear testers from Brooks and hit the lakefront with them for a run.  Although we only ran a few miles, it was so much fun to meet other local runners and spend some time doing our favorite thing…..running! 

Brooks Fun Run_10-5-12

After the expo fun, I was off for my busy weekend.  Aby had sectionals on Saturday morning.  She ran her heart out but didn’t qualify for state.  She hit the hills like a pro and pretty much pushed the entire race and was very happy afterwards.  It wasn’t an easy race or an easy sectional and I’m super proud of my baby girl for giving it her all this season.  Now time for her to rest a bit and run some local 5Ks with her momma.  🙂

After freezing our bums off at sectionals, we were on the road to Indiana for my High School 20 year class reunion. 

ENHS 20 yr reunion

ENHS 20 yr reunion_me & mick

I had lots of fun & enjoyed spending time with my classmates.  However, I was honestly a “bit” sad that I was in Indiana instead of Chicago on Marathon Weekend.  I even got up very early on Sunday morning to look for the marathon on tv but nothing.  I tried to stream it live on my phone but nothing.  However, I did manage to receive the runner tracking and Facebook updates!

Since I couldn’t be there in person, my girl April took the time to make a “Flat Fritz” just to make sure that I got to go, enjoy the atmosphere and encourage the members of our F’N Running Club.   It was hysterical, very sweet and absolutely made me feel like I was part of their day!  Thanks, April!

                         Flat Fritz & April                April, Flat Fritz in backpack & Kim

 Flat Fritz w April    Flat Fritz w April & Kim

Flat Fritz in pack.      Jenny G’s happy to see me!     I’m cheering for the runners!

Flat Fritz   Flat Fritz w Jennyl  Flat Fritz_chicago

I hope you had an amazing weekend, whether you were traveling, running, or hanging with friends. 

** Cheers ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

14 thoughts on “Weekend in Review….

    • I don’t know. Sounds like my hair might get messed up being stuffed in random suitcases. Its thick and gets ratty fast. 🙂

  1. Wow…Desi Davilla…now there’s a gal that I could have used some of her karma signing my bib…but no chance being there on Friday or hanging late on Saturday to find her. I ran that Boston Marathon where she finished 2nd and forced Kenyan and Ethiopian women elites to run far harder than they expected! Desi got what it takes to be the best…but in my books…she already there…and pretty cool she a student of Brooks-Hanson Project. They know how to bring the best out of those that aren’t considered in the top of the elites. But she is…got tenacity…like the badger!

    Great to her bout daughter running xc….doesn’t matter about place or being top in the finish…just being there and giving it your best…says it all…running with the pack…if you can do that…you a cut-above us mortals!

    And…TTF seems like a giant next to Desi. All those elite runners and ultra-runners are small and light. Physics matters when it comes to running maximal sub-aerobic performance. Genetics helps too!

    Someday Mick will hit the running circuit….a hot-rod I suspect…LOL.

    • You did awesome on SUN! BQ and all! So I’m guessing you didn’t need Desi’s mojo but she was cool and you would have loved her!

      Great job!

  2. I’m glad you were able to join us at the expo on Friday! Desi was so sweet! Also I didn’t see Flat Fritz on the course, but that is HILARIOUS! And I love their signs!!

    • Flat Fritz was always on the move, hard to catch her! I think Jenny G actually carried her for part of the race! LOL!

      Great job!

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