Rave Runs….

Every time I step out the door these days, it’s a RAVE RUN.  My excitement is just bubbling over!  I’m so happy to be running that I don’t even care how flippin’ hard it may be when I’m actually out there.  I don’t even care how slow I am currently running.  I don’t even care that it has been pouring rain on almost every run as of late.  I don’t even care that it is almost always dark. I don’t even care that the trail is slippery with leaves.  I’m just happy to be back on the run.   And almost every trail in my area looks just like this one (Midlothian Reservoir Trail):


Isn’t that fantastic?  It usually just me and the critters out on the trail now too. 

deer in woods

It seems as if everyone is in post-marathon blues hiding.  I almost feel guilty that I’m this happy.


Or maybe not.

Next up?  I need to throw away the candy knock off this weight and start to get serious.  I’ve got places to go, people to see and races to run. 

See you at the start line!

**Happy Running **  Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

9 thoughts on “Rave Runs….

    • Right?!?! It wasn’t fun but I’m so glad I missed the horrid summer running rather than the glorious fall/winter/spring running. It was a real win. I’m thankful (in hindsight). 🙂

  1. I am totally in the post-marathon blues. I am defiitely in the “now what?” phase and not quite sure what to do with myself. I’ve had a few good runs since 10/7, but I am not as focused as I was (overall fitness and nutrition focus) like I was during the 18 weeks of training.

    • Try to relax a little bit and recover. You will figure things out. It’s very normal and I’m seeing a lot of what your feeling in others. I normally plan a long weekend or some type of reward after the marathon so I have that to look toward. I call it my reward. Or I buy a new car. 🙂 Hoping I can eventually work back to the marathon distance so I don’t have to drive this car forever. LOL!

  2. YAY! I love fall running, even if on slippery leaves 🙂 I have had so many injuries that when I can run, I am just happy for it too!

    Are people in your club having the post-marathon blues? I haven’t noticed it online too much. Of course, I just ran a half with a bunch of gals. I do think the marathoners in my club are like “what’s next?!”

  3. Yeah…that’s the TTF (aka Amanda) I like the most…excited…bubbly with enthusiasm! There ain’t no rain today and probably the last bit of summer ya will feel until next year. Warm Thursday too…but more rain…and slippery leaves….so get out there today…or this evening and enjoy it!

  4. LOVE it!! yea, you really do have to keep running fun, that’s wat it comes down to. and after any time off or away (whether it’s injury, post-race recovery, needed mental charge) it’s like a little reminder that u need to be excited and thankful for just BEING able to run. from there, the rest is icing. 🙂

  5. YAY!! That’s how I feel on all my runs!! Hoping to be back to even some slow running maybe next week….As in Kilax, you and I know about injuries, just so HAPPY when you can just RUN!!!

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