The Joy of Running…..

As I read thru the comments on yesterday’s post, I see a common theme.  We all run because it makes us happy.  Why does it make us happy?  For one fraction of the day, it’s just us and our thoughts.  It gives us a sense of accomplishment.  It allows us to feel as if we are doing something selfish, just for us.  It gives us a little peace in a world filled with chaos.  We run for the pure joy of running.

Here are a few reasons why others run:

  • Judy F –  So hard to pick one thing….friends, stress relief, nature, physical shape……..THE WAY I FEEL WHILE RUNNING AND WHEN YOUR DONE!!!
  • Amy –  …it makes me feel like an athlete. I’m not very athletic and my hand-eye coordination is a bit shady so as a youngster I sat on the sidelines. I love that I am not a participant!
  • Julie B – I love the fact that I am doing something I never I thought was within my grasp.
  • Michelle – My favorite thing about running is the quiet time I have to myself.
  • Running Hutch – I love to run because it’s a challenge I can control. It’s never come easy to me but I only have myself to overcome to get better.
  • Lucy S –  My favorite thing about running is that when I’m running I feel most like myself. I’m in my element and I’m doing it only to please me!
  • Phyllis –  My favorite thing about running is that it has given my years back. Literally added years to my life!
  • Jennifer E – My favorite thing about running is that it’s all about me. I’m not the mom, not the wife, not the nanny…just me.
  • Elizabeth S – It gives me lots of time for prayer!
  • Julie M – Adrenaline high!
  • Marel P – The absolute JOY it brings… especially when you go long & strong.

I have thoroughly enjoy each and every comment left as to why YOU enjoy running!  Thanks for sharing. 

As for me, the reasons I run are multifaceted.  Bottom line is that I just really love running.  It makes me feel good when so many things in life may be sad or overwhelming.  Its a bit of time for me to just be happy without anyone trying to steal my joy. 

Now go, log some miles!   Maybe you’ll destress along the way, maybe you’ll meet a new run friend, or maybe you’ll just soak in the silence like me.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Running…..

  1. Well ya might not enjoy mine this time! Didn’t see my name on that list of yours…but maybe I never even commented on that last post of yours? If so…it is probably cause I can’t really say I “love” running. Too old and been doing it for so many years and contending with the normal issues of arthritic joints…sciatica and other age-related maladies that many face from just shear wear-n-tear of life…i can’t say I really love running…it’s a friggin’ challenge I have to contend with each and every day!

    Now…with that said…I can say I really love to “pursue” running in the general sense. I know it is good for me…even with the age-related-wear-n-tear. I do know that 99% of the time…I finish a run feeling better than when I started. I know that if I want to run a marathon and qualify for Boston…I have to run…and run a lot of miles…and at times…not liking it….or at least tolerating it cause I know I have to do it if I hope to run a marathon.

    But there are times out there…first starting…trying to make it through the first mile….TTF comes to mind….and I quietly curse…”what’s that gal talking bout…this is not fun and I don’t love it?” But it is the “collective” or the “cumulative” effect ya must be referring to say that you “love” running. Won’t debate the concept of “love” or “like”….but if I look at the long-term and cumulative effects of running….then I gotta say I like it! But there are the times out there my brain doesn’t like it…nor lover it…to say the least! LOL….ok?

  2. Now…after saying what I said….blasphemy? I hope that ya all still love me…or is it like me? Hmmm… may have to ponder this more on my next run that I don’t know if I love or like it! LOL…again!

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