Inspirational Jewelry Giveaway

I came across several inspirational jewelry pieces through a fundraiser for Aby’s school.  I made several purchases, a believe necklace with a tiny cross that Aby has been wearing non-stop and a few necklaces etched with the following phrase:

what lies behind us and

what lies before us

are tiny matters compared to

what lies within us

This is by no means fine jewelry but I loved the message and its one that I would be proud to wear.  The necklaces are silver and I am giving away TWO!

what lies necklace

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, please comment below as to what inspires you!  I will allow to pick two winners on Monday, November 12th at 9am.  Good luck!

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43 thoughts on “Inspirational Jewelry Giveaway

  1. I am inspired by alot…my belated very alive teenage daughter….all my running friends…there are to many things. Maybe my answer should just be my life inspires me evwryday.

  2. What inspires me?? Well, you for one! The AWESOME F’N runners of the F’NRC, & every time I hear of someone completing a goal they thought they could never do! And lastly, the world & people I have CHOSEN to surround myself with!

  3. Have you ever listened to the song “Ordinary Miracle” by Sarah McLachlan? In it, she sings about how things that happen everyday around us are miracles in themselves…a bird flying south for winter and instinctively knowing to return every spring, the sun rising and setting every day…but it’s up to us to wake up every day and be a part of the ordinary miracles that take place in our lives. How inspiring to know that I am blessed with the ability to run and I am most at peace when I am doing so…I am inspired by this and by the many other ordinary miracles that I am lucky enough to experience every day.

  4. No giveaway entry required but what I always find inspiring is the increasing number of age groupers in the 65+ categories. In my first triathlon in Chicago this past summer there were two men in the 75+ age group for the sprint race and one finished faster than I did. How great is that and definitely inspiring for me.

  5. All the runners that I have had the privilege to run, train or race with over these past 5-years have inspired me in many ways at one time or another. Every time I show up to a Saturday run…there is always someone or some experience that inspires me. All you lady runners…that work so hard to earn a living, keep your families happy and cared for…and still find time and energy to run…inspires me. Every morning…just waking up…another day alive…inspires me. Nature…always inspires me…as long as I remain open and watch for what it has to offer…no matter where I am or what I am doing… to keep my mind, my eyes, my ears and sometimes my nose cognizant of my surroundings so I am ready to experience those fleeting moments in nature to unfold before me. And words often inspire me….Peace, Love, Dream & Believe my favorite 4 slogan/mantra.

  6. I am inspired everyday by the world around me, and the good people in it. And I am inspired by all the strong people who perservere thru hardships.

  7. I am inspired by those around me daily. Every has their weaknesses and struggles with something, but seeing how others overcome their own, inspires me to do better and be better!

  8. What inspires me most is my beautiful son, Mitchell. He has autism and everyday struggles with social skills and speech. Yet he never gives up and never complains about it. When I start to get tired in a run, I think of him and run even harder!

  9. My twin girls inspire me everyday! To look at the world through a child’s eyes is priceless. They make me want to be the best I can be in everything!

  10. You are so generous! Another blogger that I have been hanging out with lately really inspires me. She has lost a lot of weight and kept it off this year (something I would like to do!).

  11. I am inspired by my 2 daughters. The youngest (6) is the reason I started running, she’s very active and I needed energy to keep up. This last summer my 11 year old and I trained together for a triathlon. They make the effort worth while.

  12. Inspiration comes in all colors, shapes and sizes for me in comes from watching and witnessing people who once thought they couldn’t – can, do, succeed and keep going. They inspire me to never give up and keep at it!

  13. I am inspired every day that I lace up my running shoes..watching my community change and grow and the changes that running brings inside of me, all of that inspires me to keep on moving forward! (your blog inspires me as well!)

  14. So many inspirational people surround me! You are inspirational and your advice about running and training with IBS has been a resource for inspiration. Thanks!

    My biggest motivator, cheerleader and inspiration: my husband! I am always inspired by his grit and determination during Ironman training seasons.

  15. I am inspired by watching those in my running group. We have all different backgrounds, ability levels, etc. But we support each other every week. It makes it easy get up on a Saturday morning when I know they are waiting on me.

  16. I’m inspired by my father. His bulldoggedly-tenacious never-give-up attitude and total love and enthusiasm for life never ceased to amaze me and inspires me to be a better, more daring and more joy-loving achiever. 🙂

  17. I am inspired by those token moments I experience in which I reflect on and realize I had the time of my life and would relive all over again.

  18. I don’t think I can pinpoint ONE thing that inspires me. There is so much that I just can’t decide. I am a people watcher and LOVE to learn about people. (which is why I talk so much) I love asking questions and finding out about people and what their story is. I think every person that I have met inspires me in a different way. So I guess that is my answer – people. People (and their stories) inspire me.

  19. I am inspired by the legacy that I am leaving for my kids. Not a legacy of being the fastest or winning races but a legacy of trying every day even when you don’t want to and always giving your best in everything you do so that you no you have left nothing behind and have given your all,

  20. The people that inspire me is… well there was one lady the first time I trained for a marathon…she was slower than the last pace group. But every Saturday no matter how hot, she was out there walking the long run, alone, no matter how long it took her. We were always encouraging but I could imagine how rough it may have been at times. She never gave up. That is inspiring to me!

  21. I’m inspired daily by my running friends. They are willing to get up at O’dark thirty to run with me, and no matter what we’ll be facing later in the day, the miles we share before the sunrise always seem like a magical balm that makes everything a little bit better.

  22. Inspiration surrounds me, my children, my husband, my friends, my mother who at 81 deals with rheumatoid arthritis and never complains. It’s there everywhere…

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