The Cat’s Out….

Yep, I think the Cat’s Out of the Bag ….. I’m running the Ragnar Key West Relay in January 2013.  I just added the tab (above) to spotlight my team.



I will be kicking off the Florida Keys Ragnar as Runner #1 on Team #521 – 2 Bros & 10 Does.   That’s right, a full  12 person team.  2 men (one per van) and 10 ladies.  Let the good times roll!

We currently have three amazing sponsor to help us thru this journey!   Please get familiar with them because there “might” be a  prize pack or two coming your way from each of them.  🙂


      If you need compression shorts to help with performance, recovery & injury prevention, then check out Aspaeris Pivot Shorts!  They will be protecting us during our Ragnar Florida Keys Adventure!



            Family Fan Club is hooking us   up with everything from personalized race shirts with our team name to decals for our van. You name it, they can personalize it!  I have multiple items which they have done for me (and other teams/running clubs) in the past and I love their product!


ShowerPill apparently doesn’t want us to chase away the competition with our running funk.  Do us a favor and get your own so you too will smell fresh and clean throughout the 36 hour event!  Or come and borrow some of ours! 


I’m super excited to start this new chapter.  Watch for me to safely start building my miles so that I will be ready to kick some butt in January for my new Ragnar team.  As always, for me its really about the journey and I’m ALL IN.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

16 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out….

    • Yes, I’m definitely excited. I’ve been asked to be part of this team several times previous but I wasn’t ready. Then they kept losing a person. I think it was meant to be cuz I finally started feeling good, they lost another person and I was READY!

  1. Good luck Amanda! Hopefully I’ll get back to running distances soon and maybe I can be one of the bros on a future challenge (Bourbon Chase anyone???).

  2. Ragnar is such a bucket list item. I didn’t know they did one in Key West. I bet the run will be amazing (hot and humid, but amazing!).

    P.s., someone suggested I read your blog a long time ago, but I’m just now getting around to it. I’ve actually laughed out loud (at work…awkwardness) reading some of your posts!

  3. How exciting!

    I love Shower Pills! They sent me some to sample and I’ve actually bought them to use since.

    Family Fan Club looks cool!

    Are other bloggers running it with you?

  4. Way 2 go…makes sense to do Key West in January! Sounds like fun. Someday I gotta try this Ragnar thing if I can be on a team with a bunch of ladies! LOL…really haven’t paid close attention to this Ragnar thing, so got to learn more about it to see how it works….and what it costs! Have fun TTF…ya certainly deserve it with all ya been through this past year!

  5. Oh…and seeing comment above…we are all boring in our own ways and at various times. Can anyone be upbeat, exciting and the life of the party 24 x 365? Even John Candy or Robin Williams can be boring…at times. I think ya got a pretty nice compliment there…anytime someone laughs…ya done a great job. And personally….I don’t ever think I have experienced boring from you…I guess that is hubby’s duty? ROTFL!

  6. Wow, this looks really cool. I see the Tennessee one runs this weekend, hmmm. Tennessee, that would give a year to train and find 11 others. There is a thought. Do these usually sell out?

  7. CONGRATS!!! That is sooo awesome, I have been to the Ragner site many times, looking at the Florida Ragner teams looking for runners…….but not knowing anyone I have not followed through….If you need another Doe, keep me in mind!! I will be ready to go!!!! I had so much fun running Wisc-to Chgo. There is so much involved in the planning of a team, I really feel for the captains, so stressful. I am serious if you need another, let me know!! Good Luck!!

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