Slow Times in the City….

As with everywhere, even the city of Chicago becomes slow and almost desolate at times.  Yesterday and today are such days as the workers/commuters are finishing things up before the holiday with many already on vacation.  We are suspended somewhere between the normal hustle & bustle of city life and the approach of the holiday.  Most take delight in this short, temporary lull which precedes the Black Friday rush.  Things are good.  Quiet.  The streets are empty with few to be seen.  The trains carry only a scattering of commuters, all with the same sole desire to go back home to their family for the upcoming holiday.  It’s a tranquil time, even in Chicago.  The fog veiling the city just adds to the desolate feel. 

It’s cool but not cold. 


Gloomy but not rainy.


Quiet but not silent.


Calm but not motionless.


Its a great time to be a runner in the city.  Easy to take a few steps and be at peace in the surroundings that are normally alive with constant activity.

I’m wishing you a very happy holiday with lots of happiness, laughter and maybe a long peaceful run (or two) where you can reconnect with yourself and have a minute to give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

** Happy Thanksgiving ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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