Lighting the Fire of Motivation….

It’s no secret that I love motivation quotes, pictures, sayings and people.  In fact, I enjoy sharing things on my Facebook page that I come across via various web pages.  For some, the “motivational” pics and quotes are tired, old and redundant.  For me, they make me smile, nod my head and frequently say, YES, I LOVE THAT!

I stumbled on this one today.  I’ve had a rough week, too much work, too much stress, not enough holiday focus, and very little running.  I was looking for a “pick me up” and found this……

I don't run because

I know, you’ve seen it before, right?  Probably.  But it reminded me that I need to get my ass out of the office the door for a run, ASAP.

Running makes me appreciate things more.  It gives me energy and motivates me to DO things that I would NOT do if I hadn’t ran.  I find this particularly true on the weekends.  If I start my Saturday or Sunday (preferably both!) with a run, then it automatically makes me more productive throughout the rest of the day.  It lights a fire within me to MOVE.  To do things.  To NOT be lazy.  To live.  To not just snuggle into the couch with a cup of coffee but to actually handle the things in my life that need my attention.  Things that I would otherwise be content to put off for another day, or week, or month….. for as long as I could avoid it. 

That’s the secret.  Running/Working out GIVES energy, it doesn’t take it away.  Everyone always says, “Oh, you ran 10 miles this morning; you must be exhausted!?!?”  No, I’m not exhausted.  I’m energized and ready to tackle life.   Whatever that means for today.

Move your body, in any way you can.  Walk, run, hit the gym and you too will wake up and not just go thru the motions of your day but you will FEEL alive, FEEL motivated,  FEEL ready to take on whatever comes your way. 

** Light the Fire of Motivation ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

4 thoughts on “Lighting the Fire of Motivation….

  1. This is something I have really been focusing on lately because it is so true! Now that I’ve reframed working out as something that makes me feels good and gives me energy rather than something that is a chore, I’m starting to love it again and I am back in the habit!!!!

  2. cool post TTF! I would say it “energizes” you literally cause running expends energy, but it also enhances and escalates cellular metabolism…even after you are done running! That’s the beauty of it…expend energy to gain energy…yes…providing proper fueling and recovery and such.

    I love when people bring up the concept of motivation cause I always love to point out distinction between motivation and inspiration! Inspiration is the sights, sounds, experiences or knowledge that makes your mind want to do it. Motivation is what gets you to actually do it! OK…subtle…and maybe just semantics…but I think there is a difference worth recognizing. The word inspriation is derived from the Greek…Inspiron….to take in!

    So I guess inspiration is more centered on what makes you first want to do something or acheive some goal or such….and motivation is action and what you do to make it happen!

    Hope you all enjoy the distinction…but in the grand scheme of things…inspiration and motivation…just do it!

  3. AMEN! Everyone always asks why in the world do I get up and run before work….for the exact reason you stated. It gives me tons of energy to make it through the day.

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