Twas the Night Before Ragnar Keys….

Twas the night before Ragnar Keys, and all thru the hotel,

Vanmates were laughing and scurrying about,

Backpacks and duffels were stuffed to the brim,

In hopes that nothing important fell dim.


With a 3am wake up, and a 5am start

All know that sleep will be scarce.

TTF sleeps in her run clothes to save some time

and dream of the chaos that is soon to be alive.


Six runners per van, two vans per team,

All with 200 miles to be ran.

No sleep or showers , or real food for fuel.

May lead to a stench and crankiness too.


All this for fun and a bit of adventure,

To up the ante for this new year’s tenure.

So think happy thoughts and enjoy the run,

Because soon the tales will start to be spun.

I’ll be back soon… to run this little relay from Maimi to the FL Keys!  Whooooop!!!!!

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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